Letter to the Editor: Driver is a trusted friend

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By The Staff

There is a service that Owen County provides to its citizens that I suspect is not generally well known. The service is one whereby the county will provide transportation, to and from medical appointments, for its citizens, mostly – though not limited to – its senior citizens.

This service is not that unusual in so far as other counties nearby also perform similar services. What makes it unique, in my opinion, is the lady who performs all the day-to-day driving, hundreds and hundreds of miles each day. Those of us who have used her service know that she is second-to-none. Not only does she pick you up on time at your residence, she gets you to your appointment on time and back home again.

But Phyllis Webster does more than just drive us to and from these medical appointments. From time to time, an appointment may need to be changed to fit her schedule – not often, but once in awhile. Phyllis makes the phone call for you, gets you re-scheduled, then makes most other follow-up appointments that may be needed. If you have been given a prescription to fill, Phyllis will get that taken care before she gets you back home. She’ll even stop and run into a grocery store for you if you need something when its on the way back home. She doesn’t seek fame or recognition. She is just very good at what she does, a lot of which is that she cares about people.

She even entertains us with some very nice stories about her happenings around the county and her farm. She makes quite a nice ambassador for Owen County.

Her husband, Tom, filled in for her one day, when she had to take other residents elsewhere using the county’s other van. He did a terrific job as well, as did two of our county’s ambulance drivers when Phyllis needed to stay home for awhile to care for Tom as he recovered from a stay in the hospital.

Rather than being surprised that a service like this exists out here in this rural farm community, I know now that the main reason it exists is precisely because these types of communities produce people like Phyllis and her husband and others. People like these make a difference and I just wanted to share my opinion with all of you.

William Shaw