Letter to the editor: District should follow the meetings law

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By The Staff

While I knew that Mr. Cleveland would have a rebuttal to my recent letter the editor, I do wish he had stuck to the truth. He knows exactly why I did not leave. The purpose of my speaking with Ms. Miller was to explain the law behind the request for the information. I’m not a legal expert, but I can read. Yes, I did have the requested documents in hand that morning, but it was a day late and a dollar short so to speak. I had requested them the day before as the law provides and was refused and told to return the following morning. That is why I was there. I did not want to prolong anything, but I did want to make certain they understood the legality of my request.

Apparently, we do remember certain details quite differently, but at least he does acknowledge he was in my face. Nice. As for Ms. Miller’s statement that I continued to move toward him, there is absolutely no truth in that at all. I only moved one time and that was from in front of her desk to an area in the middle of the room after Mr. Cleveland entered. Shame on you Ms. Miller; I know what you said was not true whether anyone else in that room will admit it or not. It wasn’t even necessary other than to attempt to place blame on me. Am I to assume our board office does not welcome people with questions or concerns? This is certainly the picture you paint. Just pick up your stuff and get out. Again, nice representation for our school district.

I would also like to add that despite my attempts to explain the Open Meetings Law to our superintendent and those in the office that day, the very next “special called” meeting was again in violation of the law. Don’t take my word for it; use the Internet or all those law books in Mr. Cleveland’s office. They are very arrogant to assume they answer to no one and the law somehow doesn’t apply to them. However, I was at that meeting just for the purpose of again pointing out their blatant violation. This time, I came prepared with my digital recorder. I will never again be put in the position of being in the same room with these people without it, because, in my opinion, they don’t take kindly to being questioned or contradicted.

At this meeting, board attorney, Mr. Crawford, validated my concerns regarding their failure to follow the law. He told me I was absolutely correct regarding my complaint and he had also had a previous conversation with Mr. Cleveland about his failure to comply with the law on this matter. He personally assured me this would be corrected in the future. At one point, Mr. Cleveland did try to say he had the meeting properly posted, but once again, it was too late. The day of the meeting is not proper notification and he eventually apologized. Why be so determined not to do something so simple? Again, I have this recorded for anyone who might have questions concerning the truthfulness or facts of this conversation.

This is not the most important issue our school district is currently dealing with, but rather just one example of much greater problems. Our current school leader thinks that he is above the law; whether that means following the Open Meetings Law, abiding by legal hiring practices or in dealing with his employees. I hope he follows the recommendations of the grand jury and seeks help, but I hope he does it somewhere else.

Kitty Cammack