Letter to the editor: Crash victim, family appreciates help

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Greetings from Lexington.
My husband is the truck driver who had the accident on Cedar Creek Road last week in Kay’s Branch. One of his co-workers who drives the route frequently, picked up a copy of the News-Herald for us today and told us of the article about his accident.
First, I would like to let Ms. Spicer, and any others concerned, know that my husband is doing great. He hugs me and our two children a little tighter to this day. It was truly a miracle and he knows God was riding with him that day. The next day was his birthday and we were all the more blessed to be able to celebrate.
The second reason I wanted to contact your paper, and your town, was for you all to know how grateful my husband was for each and every person who helped that day.
I cannot thank everyone enough for helping my husband while I couldn’t be there. I had back surgery the week before and was not able to travel. When my husband walked through our front door all he could do was talk about how wonderful each and every person was. He even mentioned one of  the volunteers’ daughter and her adorable dog. Some of the names he remembers are Rex, Larry, Glenn, the Sheriff, he can’t remember his name and some of the others. It was obviously a pretty traumatic time for him. He has never had an accident in the 10 years he has had his CDL. Through that stressful experience he couldn’t praise your citizens enough!
I just want to thank you all and for you to know that nothing you do goes unnoticed or unappreciated.

Michele Simonds
Wife of Stephen Simonds