Letter to the Editor: County should check out hole before injury

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By The Staff

There is an enormous hole in the roadside on the south side of Sawridge Creek Road across from the Monterey Firehouse and the soccer fields and the Artifacts store.

It’s been there a while. When things get busy, which is not too often but not rare either, people and horses fall into the hole.

So far, no one has died or been permanently injured by the fall as far as I know (I’m not sure about the horse), but it will happen again if the problem isn’t fixed.

It used to be that the grand jury would go around and examine the condition of public buildings and the like to see how they were being maintained.

I would ask the grand jury, if public safety comes under its purview, to go look at that hole and make a recommendation to the court.

It could be fixed before someone else is hurt.

Kirk Somerville

Kenny Road