Letter to the editor: Community should do what is right and vote ‘no’

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When I read the “Dear Editor” letter for a child last week about selling beer and alcohol, it broke my heart. If anyone who calls themselves Christians read this letter and doesn’t vote “no,” I know they will have to answer someday for their actions. Please just vote “no.”
If a small child pleads to vote no because of Dad yelling at Mom, throwing stuff and cussing her out because of drinking, it has to be right to vote “no.”
If someone has it more handy to buy, you know it would be worse. Please for the sake of our children, please vote no
Christians have to stand up for what is right. We have let things go that were wrong for too long.
The child said, “P.S. If you don’t allow our county to become wet, you will keep kids like me safe.”
Lord, put your spirit in all of us to do what’s right in your eyes. I pray for the whole county and that we will have a strong conscience to vote “no” to alcohol and beer.

Louise Johnson