Letter to the Editor: Community needs and deserves dialysis clinic

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By The Staff

My name is Patty Barnes and I have been on dialysis for almost a year.

Three times a week I travel to northern Kentucky to receive dialysis treatment. I also see Dr. Mital, a kidney specialist in northern Kentucky.

If the dialysis clinic had opened here in Owenton, I could see him more, instead of traveling.

I am very disappointed that the dialysis clinic has not opened here in Owenton. I rely on Phyllis Webster to transport me to my appointments. She is very kind, and if not for her I have no idea how I would receive the treatment I need to live; without dialysis I would not be alive.

A dialysis center in Owenton would greatly benefit many people. There are currently 20 people from Owen County who receive treatment from the same clinic

I do. There are even more from Owen County who go to other clinics in Grant County, Lexington and Frankfort. It is very sad to me that the current dialysis center sits empty in Owenton.

I hope that our county officials and leaders will pursue other options for a dialysis clinic.

Patty Barnes