Letter to the editor: Clarifying statements at recent planning and zoning meeting

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To clarify statements made at the re-zoning meeting June 25, I have no criticism of the planning and zoning commission’s activities and my comment wasn’t that I felt “Ford had been singled out by the Planning and Zoning Commission.”  
My question was directed specifically to Mayor West as to why the Ford property request for re-zoning had required a second hearing, and I asked Mayor West for the specific statute which governed in this instance.
Mayor West answered the question courteously and concisely by stating that it was not required by the Kentucky statutes;  that the second meeting was held to satisfy a requirement that was inadvertently omitted previously.  
The statement about “civil rights” was directed toward comments which were made about there being other empty buildings where a business could locate and comments which seemed to imply that the sale of the Ford property must somehow be advantageous to or profitable for the city. I stated that to insert such considerations into the decision would be discriminatory and a violation of the property owner’s right to sell property.
If you were planning to build a new home, would you accept being told that there are plenty of empty houses already available for your use and that you should consider one of those instead? The June 25 meeting was informative. The mayor and all members of the Planning and Zoning Commission were attentive to every person who spoke.  
We left with a better understanding of what had transpired and with more information about the city’s plan to ensure that an equitable and consistent procedure for planning and zoning would be studied and proposed for the future.

Beverly Mason