Letter to the editor: Churches must get involved in 'battle'

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I would like to respond to Bro. Tom Hall’s editorial of Dec. 12, 2012.
Tom, thank you for your wonderful editorial which exposed the terrible sin of sodomy. As you stated, Christians and the churches need to get involved in the battle. The greatness and stability of America began with the Pilgrim separatists and the Puritans. These Christians were committed to establishing the kingdom of Jesus Christ on the Earth. 
In the churches, we hear a lot about Jesus’ great gift to us and  His blood sacrifice. But the rest of the story is to go forth and establish the kingdom. “ And as you go, preach saying ‘the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” ( Matthew 10:7 ).
Christ is the king; the Earth, his kingdom;  his laws, statutes; and judgements must be re-established.
Finally, we have some brave preachers who are stepping up as watchmen on the wall.
Praise the Lord and thank you, Capt. Tom Hall.

Tom Strassell, evangelist
Poplar Grove