Letter to the Editor: Church made the tough but correct choice

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By The Staff

This is in response to Teresa Biagi’s letter to the editor last week. First of all, I would like to say I am writing this as an individual and not as a representative of First Baptist Church. I am a proud and active member of Owenton First Baptist and it was the collective membership of the church that made the decision to take down the Morgan house as opposed to spending a great deal of money to restore the building. I love historical homes. I grew up in one on North Adams Street and hated to see the Morgan house’s life come to an end. I have many memories associated with that house. I walked by it on my way to Owenton Elementary School feeling very secure because I knew the people who lived there and could call upon them if I needed to. My father sat me on the rock wall in front of the house when I was a child and taught me about respect for his first wife who became somewhat of a grandmother to me because of that lesson.

Mrs. Morgan was my Latin teacher for two years and Mr. Morgan supplied me with many stories that I will forever cherish. I sat in the side yard, under their beautiful trees, and enjoyed every moment spent in conversation with them. That being said I can assure you a lot of thought and prayer went into the decision to demolish that house.

Owenton First Baptist did contact the insurance company and the expense to repair the wall that had come down far exceeded what the insurance would compensate. I believe Owenton First Baptist is a good steward of its resources. Our Family Life Center is open “free” to the public and thousands (yes, thousands) have enjoyed its use. Also, the church is constantly asked to contribute to situations that address homelessness and poverty and we are faithful in responding to those needs.

Ms. Biagi, I have been taught that earthly things are temporal but the things of God are eternal. Like everything else on this beautiful earth, even with the most expensive renovation, the A.T. Morgan house would eventually have passed away. What will remain is those who have put their trust in Jesus Christ and the lives they have touched while here on earth. I extend an invitation to you to join us at First Baptist Church and help us make decisions in the future that will affect many others for eternity.     

Melody Stafford