Letter to the editor: Can we survive a second term?

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Did you know President Obama was the:
• First president to demand the name Jesus be covered before he would speak at a Catholic university.
• First at a UN world conference to say, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”
• First to say, “Let Israel defend herself by herself.”
• First president refusing to provide the Congressional Intelligence Committee with documents revealing names and extent of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration unto U.S. government.
• First to approve schools now giving morning after pill to children without parents’ knowledge.
• Abortion, in all trimesters, now legal and taxpayer funded.
• New schools regulation (K-12) nationwide, mandates 850 calories/day per student, even though government studies show that school lunches are often the only resource providing the life sustaining calorie requirements for millions of children in poverty.
• Under Obamacare, organ transplants, kidneys no longer go to first on list, but to the person determined to be a benefit to society.
Obama’s Record Highs:
• Coalfield plant closures (over 100)
• National deficit, 16.06 trillion (2012); 10.6 trillion (2009)
• Gas prices, $3.86 (2012), $1.89 (2009)
• Food prices and poverty
• Extreme poverty in women, up 800,000 since 2009.
• Jobless women, 683,000 since 2009.
• Decline in home values nationally, 11-30 percent.
• Middle class income decline, $2,600 a year.
• Health care costs up $2,400 a family per year. Obamacare will increase it $1,200 more in 2013.
Will anyone survive a second term?

Vicki VonBokern