Letter to the editor: Black History Month helps honor sacrifices

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By The Staff

I believe Black History Month is a great way to pay tribute and honor a lot of deserving people – the men and women who gave so much to make the world we live in today a better place to live.

The civilization, freedom, education and all the good things most people enjoy today come with a high price. The price was blood, sweat and tears; mistreatment; prejudice; segregation; and wars fought at home and abroad.

When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. talked about “reaching the mountain top” and sang “We Shall Overcome,” he was dreaming about some of the freedoms happening today.

Yes, Black History Month is a good thing. It gives everybody a chance to step back, slow down and be thankful for the sacrifices our ancestors made so we can live a better life.

Berta Gayle

New Liberty, Ky.