Letter to the editor: Award winner appreciates honor

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By The Staff

Thank you, Owen County.

I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the Rotary Club’s “Owen Countian of the Year” award, presented to me at the Owen County Fair 2010. I was so surprised.

I was about age 42 when I felt the urge to record Owen County’s local history. My dreams, aspirations and desire of yester years began to unfold into action.

I’m blessed that I lived during America’s expansion years, “the good old days.” Through the passing of time, we were prone to forget those years of Indian attacks and other experiences of our nation’s builders. Our visions for the future has dimmed our memory of the past.

The Lord has blessed me with a good life. Grateful am I for my struggles through life, giving me strength, courage and the understanding to appreciate the many helping hands that have assisted me in recording a lifetime of history.

I love my county and pray the Lord’s richest blessing may ever rest upon its people, our descendants.

Margaret A. Karsner-Murphy