Letter to the editor: Arm yourself with facts before you vote

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What does President Obama mean by fundamentally changing America? For starters, how about the Constitution? President Obama said the Constitution was written by a bunch of old men and needed to be rewritten due to the Constitution being antiquated. President Obama took an oath to uphold the Constitution, not destroy the Constitution. The Constitution gives us freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the second amendment right to keep and bear arms.
This is another thing President Obama is doing -- ever heard of NDAA? Here is what it stand for: National Defense Authorization Act. On Dec. 31, 2011, Barack Obama signed the NDAA, section 1021. On this bill I suggest you Google this, also there is a lot of consequence to this bill. Go to several sites and come to your own conclusions. I have. Did you ever know the government to keep anything simple? Just Google NDAA.
Now we have Agenda 21. This law effects any landowner worldwide. There is a lot to this bill, I would advise anyone to Google this bill and read for yourself and find out what rights you have as a landowner. You might be surprised to learn what is in this bill.
Now on to the war on coal.
We have coal miners losing their jobs in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. So far around 1,200 coal miners have lost their jobs. It seems the Obama administration policies are crippling our domestic energy and production and more jobs are lost. If you think our electric bill is high now, just wait. We have been very lucky here in Kentucky and other states due to our coal mines. For more information you can go to foxnews.com.
Arm yourself with facts before you vote. In the Constitution it says, “We the people,” not the politicians. They work for us, let’s keep it this way. After all we pay their salaries. Help keep America capitalism, not socialism.
Debra A. Gibson