Letter to the Editor: Alcohol only creates problems

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People, generally, do not desire facts. We are motivated through emotion. Our strongest emotion is fear. Many Americans are afraid that one dollar will “crash,” that the price of gas will ruin us, etc. We lack wisdom.
So what am I talking about? A healthy fear. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” God knows “the end from the beginning,” and everything between. God cares for us.
The point is, whatever we do, “do all for the glory of God ...” If we build any store, it should be for the glory of God. How does selling something that numbs the conscience bring glory to God?
Alcohol, I believe, is man’s worst enemy. Why? Because it fools people so easily. It claims to make people “smart.” (So did the snake in Eden’s garden.) It claims to really give you a “good time.” And so it did for my friend’s son. Then, it gained control of him. On an Easter Sunday morning, the son died: vomiting – with his head stuck in the commode. How “cool” is that?
Many other horror stories of wife abuse, child abuse, etc. can be cited. Suffice it to say, half of all highway fatalities are alcohol or drug related, according to statistics.
But, as I say, many do not want statistics. So, how about the Words of Jesus? (Since one bright day we shall be judged by them.) “People can not serve God and money.” We serve money if we do not consider the good of the whole community. So, please, let’s forget this campaign for a liquor store.

Mrs. Martha McGibney