Letter to the editor: Adults, not alcohol, are responsible for actions

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Alcohol has never beaten a person or abused a child. The people who abuse alcohol have.
It’s not Alcohol Anonymous, it’s Alcoholics Anonymous.
It’s not Mothers Against Distilleries and Breweries, it’s Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.
Take responsibility for your actions. It’s the father who drinks alcohol that beats his wife or abuses his child. The father will have to answer to his maker and maybe the court if he gets caught. If a man, or a woman for that matter, wants alcohol, they will go to any lengths to get it, even going to the next county.
Why let the other county get all the benefits from the proceeds of the sale?
Possibly the revenue the county gets from the sale of alcohol, could go to a better senior citizens center, or programs for kids in the summer when there isn’t school to go to. You get my point.
If we use the analogy that alcohol did the damage, then I can also say that alcohol is the reason two of my sisters have college degrees. That we had a roof over our heads when we were growing up. Alcohol is the reason I got a new bicycle for Christmas. My father worked at the distillery in Frankfort for over 40 years. He never beat my mother and he never abused any of his daughters. We had a great life.
We can say, you shouldn’t drink, but in the end, it’s each person’s choice.
Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Anne Marie Riddell
Monterey, Kentucky