Letter to the editor: Adkins will support Medicare

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As a citizen of the fourth congressional district along Kentucky’s northern  shore, I want to remind folks there is a Democratic primary for Congress on   Tuesday May 22, 2012.  As you read this, I want you to consider that there are issues which will impact you or members of your family that are not being  discussed by the candidates or the media.  One such issue is Medicare.
I want to urge everyone reading this to vote for my friend Bill Adkins to be the next congressman from Kentucky’s fourth district.  Bill is the only  candidate of the nine who are running who supports preserving and improving  Medicare not only for those currently 55 or over but for our children and friends who are 54 and younger.
If you ask most other candidates running for Congress from the fourth, they  support the so called “Ryan Budget.”  If you look closely at the “Ryan   Budget,” it preserves Medicare only for those who are age 55 and over.    
For those whose age is 54 and younger, when those people reach age 65, the  “Ryan Budget” changes will give those folks “coupons” or   “vouchers” to help with their health-care costs in their senior years.
Our children and our neighbors’ children deserve better than getting  coupons for health care in their retirement years.  That is one of the many  reasons, I urge you to vote for Bill Adkins in the Democratic primary for  congress on Tuesday May 22, 2012.

Paul L. Whalen
Fort Thomas