Lessons for life: Academy helps students learn to lead

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MBMS is starting the year off right with many students skilled and ready to help lead their school to a successful year. The 4-H program teamed with Teena Gamble to work with 80 students in grades fifth through eighth grades to work on developing their leadership skills and how to apply it to their real life, middle-school setting.
Throughout the 4-H Leadership Academy, they worked on identifying their personal leadership style. It is important to understand the difference between a task and social leader and these students have not only been taught how to identify their own leadership style, but how to recognize it in their peers so as to help them succeed as well.
The students learned about the elements of their personality through the personality-style inventory, a 4-H version of the Myers-Briggs personality identifier. Being able to identify these qualities, both strengths and weaknesses in themselves, will help them to understand not only their own behavior, but their classmates’ behavior as well.
Other activities involved in the 4-H Leadership Academy included team-building activities such as the human knot. This activity is designed to show the importance of working together, that if everyone is trying to go their own way and not communicate, much like the knot in your shoelace, when you tug it in opposite directions, you will make no progress. But if you work together toward the common goal, listen to ideas and communicate with your group, you can successfully “untie” your human knot.
Another group activity was a group decision making activity. Completing a “marooned” activity where the youth were given the task of identifying which one individual of seven that were stranded on an island had the privilege of being rescued.
During this activity, the students put into motion the steps to group decision making by identifying the problem, carefully weighing the pros and cons of each potential choice, and ultimately making a majority group decision.
After each grade has completed this extensive day of 4-H leadership training, they are sure to excel in the classroom and make their classmates better along the way. The youth who participated in the 4-H Leadership Program are:
Fifth Grade: Janelle Aguazul, Noah Cammack, Shannon Dezarn, Ethan Fitzgerald, Alli Gill, Grace Hedrick, Braden Howard, Westley Johnson, Brandon Lewis, Jacob Lilly, Lucas Lyons, Samantha Mason, Cameron Morgan, Ryson Neeley, Jonah O’Banion, Mason Roberts, Cailey Stedham, Shelby York, Jalen Spaulding, Jayden Jones, Layla Creech, Piper Walker
Sixth Grade:  Grace Chilton, Kaitlyn Parker, Lexie Robinson, Blake Burke, Grace Engelman, Jason Gray, Noah Malcomb, Lisa Messer, Baileigh Young, Kaylee Snell, Brooke Woodyard, Jared Prather, Tiana Petreshock, Madison McClain, Emmaleigh Richardson, Bo Corbin, Adam Dunavent, Colton Stedham
Seventh Grade: Josh Jurez, Madeline Shelton, Sydni Toole, Ashley Howard, Kaylee Miller, Blake Duncan, Trace Ogden, Destiny Bruce, Briana Maggard, Taylor Hoffman, Emma Ashcraft, David Gray, Gregory Taylor, Trenton Reed, Lindsay Gill, Cameron Perkins, Nash Glacken, Cayge Keeton, Rachel Miller, Haileigh Noll
Eighth Grade:  Aaron Hunter, Ashley Willis, Molly Gamble, Morgan Woodyard, Ross Ford, Cameron McNally, Audrey Hager, Morgan Ellis, Hailey Chappell, Brandon New, Ellie Stout, Baleigh McGuire, Jordan Prather, Cordell Harmon, Katelyn Goodrich, Lydia Merrifield, Autumn Hunter, Josh Spaulding, Rebecca Rollins, Sarah Clifton, Ethan Depew