Legal ordinance fails to be published

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New rules for golf cart usage in city not submitted to newspaper

By Molly Haines

The City of Owenton has failed to publish at least one of its completed ordinances in The News-Herald, a violation of state law.
The Owenton City Council approved an ordinance regulating the use of golf carts on city streets in January.
The ordinance was never sent to the News-Herald for publication.
According to state law, once an ordinance, resolution, regulation, order, rule, report, statement or certificate is completed, it must be published one time and within 30 days after completion of the act if the advertisement is not informing the public that they can exercise a right within a designated period or upon or by a designated date.
The News-Herald contacted city clerk Laura Aldridge Monday, who said she thought she had sent the ordinance pertaining to golf carts.
A second reading and approval of the golf cart ordinance was given Jan. 14 and should have been published before or by the Feb. 12 edition of the News-Herald.
A second ordinance in question, amending the city’s budget, was emailed to News-Herald staff later that day.
Aldridge said she would have to speak to Owenton Mayor Doug West regarding the golf cart ordinance.
The ordinance amending the budget will publish in the News-Herald within 30 days from the time it was approved.
When asked if he knew that the ordinances were not being sent to the News-Herald Tuesday, West said that Aldridge had not yet spoken to him.
West said he was unaware that the ordinances were not being sent to the News-Herald.
According to state law, the city clerk is responsible for causing publications to be made, unless there is no clerk and then it is the responsibility of the mayor.
According to state statutes provided by Kentucky Press Association Executive Director David Thompson, failure to comply with the publication rules “shall not subject a person to any of the penalties provided by KRS 424.990 unless such failure continues for a period of ten (10) days after notice to comply has been given him by registered letter.”
West said he will hold another first and second reading of the golf cart ordinance before the city council.