Leadership lessons: Medical services

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The Leadership Owen County class of 2012 had the privilege of visiting the facilities which provide health services for residents of Owen County.
Parts of the dream have been accomplished.
With dreamers realizing a hospital was desperately needed in Owen County, the dream begins in 1951 with Hill Burton funds building the Owen County War Memorial Hospital. Owen County Fiscal Court was the first operator. Down through the years, there were different owners until the residents of the county felt that the hospital was going to close its doors. Then the dream takes another step, when on Sept. 30, 2001, under the leadership of Bernie Poe the doors remain open as New Horizons Medical Center.
Today at the hospital you can obtain acute inpatient care, skilled sub-acute rehab care, swing bed restorative care, short term skilled nursing care, emergency services, outpatient surgery (zero infection rate four years running), radiology services, MRI, CT scan, echo, halter monitoring, laboratory services, respiratory services, orthopedic rehabilitation, infusion/injection therapies and a cancer resource center working with the American Cancer Society to provide great support services to cancer patients.
In this facility you will find an unbelievably beautiful chapel which was totally funded by individual donations.
Following total renovation, the previous doctor’s clinic is now a rehabilitation services clinic. You will find this area painted in the Rebel colors with pictures and paintings decorating the walls and up-to-date equipment. Here you will receive outpatient or in-patient physical therapy designed to match your needs.
Our next stop was the New Horizon Family Practice Facility opened in 2009. Board certified family physicians as well as nurse practitioners who specialize in family medicine staff this building.  
There are also specialists who come on a scheduled basis in the areas of general surgeon, nephrology, optometry, eye surgery, podiatry, cardiology, muse conduction study, OBGYN and urology.
Located just behind the family practice building is the PHI helicopter station.
We received exciting news that had just been published – Owen County was ranked sixth in the Commonwealth for wellness.
Even with this news, the staff at Three Rivers are greatly concerned about the major health problems facing our county. These are drugs, alcohol, cancer, diabetes and diseases of excess which includes overeating and not exercising.
They discussed plans that will cover a three-year program called MAPP. This is an assessment concerning the health of Owen countians: M-mobilizing; A-action; P-planning; P-partnership.
Three Rivers personnel serve residents of Carroll, Gallatin, Owen and Pendleton counties. There is a Three Rivers health department in each county. Some of the services provided are home health, HANDS (early childhood development for first time mothers program), immunizations for children and environmental as well as other services.
Our last stop of the day was the Owenton Manor. We were told of the services available at the Manor including short stays and residential skilled care. Also provided are therapy, rehabilitation, hospice and respite and clinical service. A daily activities calendar is posted and residents are encouraged to participate in these activities.
Owenton Manor was begun in 1979 by Bernie Poe. In 1998 it was purchased by Senior Care, then in 2000 sold to Harborside and presently owned by Sunbridge.
Throughout the day we were impressed by the staffs at each service. They show a sincere passion and dedication to the people they care for and the services they provide.
As our day comes to a close we have a better understanding of all the health services and goals for Owen County. We were very impressed by all the services available and encourage the residents of Owen County to utilize these local services.
We close this article with a thought: Are there still people in Owen County who have a dream of better and more health care services? Definitely. Perhaps you are one of these people. Keep dreaming. For dreams do come true as we have seen today. If you have a doubt about this dream, just ask those who provide our health care services.

Elaine Kelly, Lucy Smith and Doris Riley