Like a kiss, you can’t do it alone

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Guest column by Joy Bourne Morgan

John Cheeves said, “I can’t write without a reader. It’s precisely like a kiss, you can’t do it alone.”  Life teaches us that we can’t accomplish important tasks by ourselves.  The same can be said for barn murals. Certainly, without the dedication and cooperation of many folks, we would not have been able to complete four barn murals along the Agricultural Heritage Trail in less than three years.
The “Planting” mural is the most recent to be hung on Jobston and Joann Threet’s barn in Monterey on Highway 127. When we asked Mrs. Threet about the possibility of placing a mural on their barn, her reply was, “I’d be honored.” This speaks volumes about her desire to preserve our agricultural history. The location of the barn is perfect for viewing the mural but proved a bit challenging to mount. It would not have been possible without the willingness of Owen Electric to provide employees and a bucket truck. Special thanks to Doug Criswell, Travis Duvall and Cody Beckham who spent the day working with Jerry Wainscott to hang the three separate sections of the mural.
Jerry Wainscott is a master at accomplishing difficult tasks and we really appreciate his skill and help. It’s important to note that this work was done on one of the many very hot days we’ve had this summer! I’d also like to thanks Rusty Williams and Mark Stallons at Owen Electric for their continued assistance with community projects. Additionally, many thanks to Larry and Sherry Ayres for the use of their box truck to pick up and store the mural panels.
We thank the Owen County Historical Society for serving as our sponsoring entity to allow all donations to be tax deductible as they are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This mural would not have been possible without the anonymous donations we received as well as donations from Owen County Farm Bureau, Owen County Chamber of Commerce, Owen County Extension Council, Farmer’s Bank and People’s Bank.
Harold Malcomb, Freida Smith, Elizabeth Prewitt and Judy Hetterman continue to serve on the volunteer Agricultural Heritage Trail Committee. Certainly, without their dedication, ideas and commitment this project would have failed long ago.
We will continue our efforts to add four more murals to complete our story of tobacco production to form the Tobacco Heritage Trail. We do so knowing that, just like a kiss, we can’t do it alone. Because of that fact, we’re most appreciative of all the individuals and organizations that have a passion for preserving and honoring our agricultural heritage.
Joy Bourne Morgan is a member of the Agricultural Heritage Trail Committee