Kentucky American Water offers grant funds for ‘green’ projects

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Kentucky American Water is now accepting applications for green project funding through its annual environmental grant program.
The program offers funding up to $10,000 for qualifying, innovative, community-based environmental projects that improve, restore or protect watersheds, surface water and/or groundwater supplies. Grants are limited to supporting projects in the company’s service area.
Grants are awarded on a competitive basis. Projects are selected for funding based on various criteria such as project goals, impact, innovation, design, collaboration, sustainability, and community engagement, among other requirements.
To qualify, proposed projects must be located within Kentucky American Water’s service area; address a source water or watershed protection need in the community; be completed between May 1 and Nov. 29; be a new or innovative program for the community, or serve as a significant expansion to an existing program; be carried out by a formal or informal partnership between two or more organizations; and provide evidence of    sustainability (continued existence after the grant is used). Salaries and compensation for support of a project or program are ineligible for grant funds.
Information and application information can be obtained directly through the Kentucky American Water website. Applications must be postmarked by March 11. Grant recipients will be notified in April.
More information can be found by visiting www.amwater.com.