Kemper honored for work with OCPS teachers and kids

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By The Staff

Owen County Schools are pleased to announce Tracey Kemper has been chosen as volunteer of the month for December.

Shelli Hedger, first-grade teacher at the primary school, made the nomination.

“Tracey is a person who doesn’t have to be at school, but chooses to be at school because she enjoys being around the students. She is in my classroom every day and is not content with just sitting around. She is always willing to complete any task for myself or other teachers in the building. Not only is she a great volunteer, but she is an excellent caregiver to the children in the school,” Hedger said. “My students look up to her and actually consider her to be one of their teachers. I couldn’t ask for a more caring and capable person to work with. I greatly appreciate her dedication to our school.”

Owen County Primary School Principal Sharen Hubbard said Kemper can be found helping everyone at the school.

“Tracy volunteers each and every day at Owen County Primary School. She helps all the grade-level teachers, the office staff, and anywhere help is needed. We thank Tracey for all that she does for the students and staff at OCPS.”

Kemper said she is so dedicated to the primary school because she likes “to be with my children and help out the teachers and anyone else who needs it. The better the teachers have it, the more the kids will learn.”

Kemper, her husband and their four daughters have lived in Owen County for nine years on a farm and just enjoy being together.

The staff and faculty thank Kemper for making everything a little easier for the students and staff at Owen County Primary School.