Kays Branch News: While the rest of county was dry, too much water was my problem

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I got in wood last week to last out the deep freeze and wasn’t out of the house, literally, till Wednesday morning.
I suited up and went to Frankfort to play dominos with my friends.
When I got home about 2:45 p.m., I walked into the house and heard the pump running. I went downstairs and there was water spewing out to the ceiling and in the pump room. I turned out the pump and closed the cut off valves that Eric Goodrich had installed the last time I bought a new pump. Thank God for Eric. I called John. His phone went to voicemail. I knew Ann was at work so I stood in the middle of the basement and thought, “Now what will I do?”
I got an immediate answer, you start cleaning up the mess, dummy.
While everybody in the north end  of the county were out of water, I had more than I needed.
Ann and John got their messages and came to help. We work well together. They had done it before when the same pipe froze in 1994. They divided up the wet bedding and rugs and took them to their homes and used their laundry facilities to wash and get everything dry. We’re in the process of getting the damaged drywall torn out and replaced. Ray Traylor is coming tomorrow to assess the damage and tell me what to buy to do the replacing.
He would have came Monday, but they were going to Mount Sterling to his uncle’s funeral. I didn’t know that Bobby Atha had died till John told me Wednesday night. John learned about it when he went to the store on Wednesday. Wanda also told me that Gwen, Danny’s sister, has had her first grandchild. Her son, Sean, who now lives in Hawaii, had a baby boy this week. Gwen and her husband are flying there this week. Wanda also told me that “Ginza” was on the west side of Frankfort in the little area next to Kroger.
Ann and I went to Louisville on Saturday to the Arts Center to see “Sister Act.” It was wonderful. It made a very pleasant change from the past week of cold and water problems.
Fay said they went to Lexington and spent the night with Jennifer just to get out of the house for a while. They have been sticking close to home too. Their cows are calving. They were expecting one to have her calf, so they had put her in the barn, but another dropped her calf unexpectedly on the coldest night we had out on the hillside. Cows will do that to you. They have had three during this subzero weather and all have lived. This is a very good thing.
Fay also said that Mount Vernon Church had unexpected guests after Christmas. Three children that went to Sunday school there came back to visit with their spouses. Alice and her husband live around Swallowfield. Her brother Andrew and his wife live in Lexington and Brandon and his wife who are in service are now in Missouri. They were here visiting at Christmas and decided to visit their old church. Fay said it was so nice to see them all again.
Fred Evans stopped at the house on Thursday with his grandson. I was showing him the new water disaster. He was my “go to person” when the last water disaster happened. I did everything wrong that year. Fred was there to bail me out. It just seemed natural that he should be on my door step again. John is here now and Teri is on the way, so to all the people that have stepped up to help those in need I say thank you. To those who have been without water, thanks to all the people who were out trying to fix the problem and did get it working again.