Kay's Branch News: There should be a road kill department

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By Bee Spicer

After rushing around like a mad rabbit all last week, this week is a blank. No cards, no plays or engagements of any kind.
I did watch the basketball game on Saturday night to the exciting climax. They did good. For those of you who live in another dimension, I am referring to the University of Kentucky’s game with Missouri. Bless their little hearts, they’ve learned to make foul shots.
I also followed the championship golf match play for the full four days. I really had no interest in who won because Tiger got beat in the first round, as did all the No. 1 seeds, at least an American came out the winner. It was strange, the also-rans eliminated the front runners and the two that played the championship game were both rated sixth, were in their early 30s and played to the 17th hole before one of them won. So for all you young athletes out there, take notice. It’s not always the star who wins, it’s usually the journeyman, the plodder, the one who practices his trade and sticks to the end.
Wanda and Fay have had much the same kind of week as I.
Fay said she has been doing some work inside and planning her flower beds for spring.
Wanda said she had no hall, I misread her news last week. They had painted the whole front half of the house - the living room, dining room and kitchen.
She said it hadn’t been done in years. She was always on the road and barely noticed it till she was at home with it all day. That really was a nice Valentine’s gift. She has been going through her pictures this week and trying to get them in some order, as to event, year and subjects. A lot of her pictures are also movies, so she went to a class at the library this week to learn how to do digital pictures on to the computer. She still has dial up so the going is very hard.
She has put “more towers in the area” so we can get better computer service around here. I know there’s a name for it because Ann has been wishing for the same thing.
I just send and receive emails, so my computer needs are very limited.
Wanda said she was invited to Ruth Ann Hazlett’s on Saturday evening for their monthly family get-together. Wanda has known the family for years, and went to church with them at some point. She said she always remembered Adam’s birthday because he was born on hers which is Nov. 28.
Ruth Ann’s birthday was on Tuesday so they celebrated that too. Ruth Ann shares a birthday with Jan Cook, whom Wanda worked with at the post office.
There was a nice crowd at church on Sunday.
Mike said Brenda Bramlett got home from the hospital this week.
The weather has been nice on the Branch, all the new calves are being born without incident, which is a very good thing for the farmers. There’s plenty of water in the creek and the hay is holding out, another plus.
Only one unfortunate event to report, a week ago Friday night, a deer was hit and killed, just at the end of my property line. Ann and I saw it on our way to the theater on Saturday morning. I thought “Oh, no”, Jessie will find it and it will eventually wind up in my yard. Well, she has been working on it all  week.
When I went to church on Sunday, she had gotten it out into the edge of the road. Give her another week and she will bring it home. I wish there was a “road kill” department in Owen County that took care of that sort of thing.
Fay said she saw all three of my dogs down there the other day.
Dobbie thinks she is as big as they are.
Thank goodness it’s not hot weather.