Kay's Branch News: Red and green are in and orange and brown are out

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By Bee Spicer

I’ve had a very good week, even though my house looks like a Christmas factory has exploded inside of it. I’ve gotten a little bit done in every room but nothing is finished, ergo, the guest bedroom looks like it’s packing to leave for parts unknown.
The orange and brown has been packed away and the red and green laid out to be hung, arranged or placed strategically on tables, mantle or anything that doesn’t move.
Dobby and Binks run every time they see me with a red ribbon or bow in my hand. Hopefully, I will have the tinsel and holly and all things pertaining to Christmas done this week and the fall stuff put in boxes and in the beds.
Fay said they had their trimming of the tree at the church on Wednesday night. She said there was a good crowd to help and everybody had a great time. She also said she had finished her shopping ... almost. She’s hoping to finish this week.
Owenton’s Christmas Parade was this past weekend. Wanda said she had to miss it this year. The day was perfect for a parade and all the festivities that went with it, but it was also great for working outside and getting the last minute things that had to be done before the rain and snow starts that are predicted for this week.
The work won.
She also said the Christmas cards were starting to show up. She said you wouldn’t believe the spelling that come on some of the roads in the county. Example: Codan Road. Feeder Road, Seager Road and Cider Road are all meant to be Cedar Creek Road. There were a lot more, but I can’t include them all at this writing. The mail carrier’s lot is not a happy one at this time of year.
Wanda said she talked to Debbie Cook this week. She said Carolann and her mother Paula were both doing fine after the kidney transplant. Now that is a real gift in the spirit of Christmas.
Ann bought a GPS system this past week. She wanted to try it out but didn’t want to strike out to parts unknown alone, so she talked her sister Teri into going to Cincinnati to the art museum Saturday. Ann drove and Teri rode shotgun. They did get lost but “she” got them turned around and back on track. They did get to the museum and enjoyed all it had to offer. They had a nice lunch before returning to the more familiar surroundings of Owen County. They also had a good day together.
Pat came from Nicholasville this morning to go to church with me and then we went to Carrollton to visit Margaret and Charlotte. To those that have forgotten who Margaret is, she is my cousin that married Russell Butts and produced a daughter, Charlotte. We visited awhile then went to Gen. Butler State Park lodge for the Sunday buffet. The food was good and we enjoyed the time together. From there, we visited Charlotte’s daughter Ashley and family. I hadn’t seen her family since her boys were babies. They are now 10 and 7.
In spite of the rain, we had a lovely afternoon and to make it even better,
I came home to turn on the golf game and caught the last few holes. Tiger won by one stroke. He is back! I am a happy camper. U.K beat N.C. by 1 point to make the weekend perfect.
While the girls and I were out enjoying ourselves, son John was trying to hook up a new porch light that I had bought last week. The old ones were black at one time but had gotten ratty looking. So, as I was decking the halls for Christmas, I decided to change the lighting outside.
No problem—not.
We built this house in 1977. Stony and “Walter” did the wiring. The two of them would have made one half of a good electrician. The front lights are on a two-way switch with a hot wire to feed a plug.
John figured he could just take out the old and put up the new. It didn’t quite work that way.
Every time he put the black and white wires together, it kicked the breaker. He started this job on Friday. He finally got Brett McDonald up here Sunday afternoon and between them they figured out how Stony had wired the thing. When I got home from Carrollton, my outdoor lights were shining brightly. Thank you John, Brett and a couple of guys at Earthtools, who came over and tried their luck at fixing the problem.
The new light is beautiful but I think I will wait another 33 years to remodel.