Kay's Branch News: No bragging from Expo tournament

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By Bee Spicer

After 12 days of cloudless skies, we had about decided we’d prayed ourselves into a drought, but the rains did come back and we had about six-tenths of an inch last week. The dry spell gave the farmers a chance to reharrow their tobacco ground and get the plants in the ground. This is about as late as I’ve seen tobacco and corn planted. Oh, there was always the straggler who didn’t get his plants in the ground till the first part of June but that was the exception. The dry spell enabled John to get the rotten posts torn out of his screened-in porch and get it put back together. He’s not quite done but he’s a lot further along than this time last week.
The Monterey Community Center had their first meeting last Thursday. It was well-attended and a lot of good suggestions came out of it. Sue Stamper represented our church. Doreen said they formed a planning committee and will meet soon to discuss their first steps in getting the building repaired and ready for use. More next week.
Lou Ann’s eye surgery went well. She said she had some pain afterwards but she was doing fine now. Joe Stewart had extensive repair work on his heart last week. Stints put in, an aneurism repaired and some other stuff done. Wanda said she was talking to his son, Billy Joe, Sunday and he was doing fine. They are keeping him in an induced light coma until the repair work can heal. They don’t want him moving around and getting stressed out.
I think Fay and Bruce spent the week in the hay field. She had said last week that they hadn’t gotten any of their hay cut. Mike said they had been working up his hay this week.
Expo was at the convention center in Frankfort last week. Wanda said she didn’t get to go to it this year. She did say that Noel Thomas and Charles were in the corn hole tournament connected with the expo but she didn’t think they won anything. She hadn’t heard any bragging this week.
Elk Creek Winery has begun their summer outdoor concerts.
I wish to clarify a missed sentence in the piece last week about Dara and Pat’s visit to England. They were in Lincoln, England along with other preservationist groups to celebrate 1,000th anniversary of the cathedral there. It is the second largest cathedral in England. That is why they were being wined and dined and feted. Without that explanation the rest of the piece kind of lost its meaning.
We had a dinner at the church Sunday to welcome the new minister and his family. His name is Steven Sherman and we hope he will be with us for at least a year. Things are getting a bit hairy for small churches like ours that depend on the student minister to pastor churches. Lexington Theological Seminary is switching to an online teaching program and soon resident students will be a thing of the past. Personally, I think that’s taking technology too far. How can you learn to serve a church without interacting with people?
The Hughes Net technician comes soon to repair my Internet connection.
Hopefully, I will be back online this time next week.
Until then, I will say good night and take my newsletter down to my resident mail carrier.