Kays Branch News: My winter of water continues

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By Bee Spicer

I am not a happy camper this morning.
The Kentucky Wildcats lost, again. It snowed, again and it hasn’t been a good week for me all around.
I awoke Tuesday morning with a wet bed. No, it wasn’t Dobbs’ fault, my waterbed had sprung a leak.
This has been the Winter of Water.
I called John as soon as I knew he was up and around and asked him to come down after breakfast and help me drain it. I have slept on a queen-sized waterbed for years. It has separate water sacks for each side with a ballast in the middle. That eliminates the wave effects that the old waterbeds had. It was my sack that was leaking.
To make a long story shorter, he came but we couldn’t get the syphon effect to work. I suggested we just split it and bucket it out.
Don’t ever do that. It really made a mess. We did finally get most of the water bucketed out but in the process, John strained his back and had to go home.
I mopped up the mess and ignored the problem for the day. I did have a guest bed to sleep in.
Now I know why my guests never stay over one night. That is the hardest bed I ever slept on.
Going from a waterbed to a “firm” mattress is not fun.
Teri came to do her laundry on Wednesday. Ann took off work at mid-morning and came with a syphon pump they use at the lab and between them they had the other sack emptied, the floor mopped and the room cleaned before lunch. My waterbed parts and pieces are laying out in the front yard. Jessie had taken up residence on it till the rain and snow started Sunday.
I went to Frankfort on Friday and bought a new box spring and mattress and it was to be delivered Monday but they called and said they wouldn’t be able to deliver.
I wonder why?
We have 3.5 inches of snow on the ground. I am getting used to the bed in the guest room and Dobbs is getting used to being in that room so we will survive till they do finally get here at the end of the week.
Meanwhile, John’s back is better and we did get some work done on the shelving in the basement. Hopefully that job will be done this week and I can get the basement cleaned and back in good order again.
Fay came by Monday evening, after they had fed the cattle and got the blue Christmas decorations I found in the trunk at the back of the pump room. They must have been there since trunk was put there when we moved in in the late ‘70s. She had her sun room decorated in blue for Christmas every year. She took home two large tote bags full. I wanted someone to have them before I buried that trunk with the other storage again. I talked to her this morning. They’re just trying to hang in there till this new wave of snow and ice melts away.
Wanda’s report got through this week.
She said Noel Thomas’ birthday was March 1  as is Gwen’s. She and her husband Mike spent her birthday in Hawaii with their son, daughter-in-law and the new baby before  leaving on March 2. They have been in Hawaii for six weeks, enjoying the wonderful weather and reading about the snow storms that have ravaged the east coast. They live in Wilmington, N.C. They are both retired now and are enjoying the freedom of travel and seeking warmer climates during the winter.
This winter has been hard on the animals too.
Wanda said the deer had eaten all her shrubs and bushes around the house since the ground has been covered in snow so much. I have noticed that the shrubs and the roses by the garage are nibbled back too. We won’t have to do any pruning this spring. She said she and Ray went to Barbara’s house to check out her security light. She invited them to eat supper with them. Then went down and got Joyce to join them.
Who could turn down Barbara’s fried chicken?
They had a nice visit.
Friday night it was pizza with some of Ray’s family at the pizza buffet. They made the most of the few days of good weather this past week and then it’s back to ice and snow again, but it’s March.
Surely spring will finally get there.