Kay's Branch News: Mothers Day was best day

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By Bee Spicer

It turned out to be a beautiful weekend for Mother’s Day or anything else you might have been celebrating.
The first of the week was wet, very wet. We had nearly two inches of rain late Saturday night, Sunday and Monday.
It was clear on Tuesday, but I had bridge so I couldn’t mow that day.
Wednesday, Charity and I went shopping for spring clothes. I have four closets full of clothes, but one has to have something new once in a while. Our trip was a success. I now have new things to wear. All I need now is some place to go.
It rained a bit on Thursday, nothing measurable but just enough to keep me off the mower.
I woke up early on Friday and got the household chores done and started mowing at 9 a.m. It was still too wet, but one does what must be done. The grass was beginning to bury Dobbs.
I managed to get most of the yard and garden lot done.
I got up Saturday morning and finished. I decorated the front of my house with the artificial flowers and hung the summer wreath by the door. I am now ready for summer.
This week I must take the Christmas swags down in the living room and ready that room for the new season. Winter was so long, I think it only ended last week. I haven’t been in the mood to redo the inside.
Wanda and Fay have been doing their mowing too. Fay can hardly wait to get her flowers out.
 Unlike me, she actually plants real flowers. One of her Mother’s Day perks was eating out at lunch and shopping for flower plantings.
Jennifer didn’t get to come home this weekend so they went to Lexington on Thursday to visit with her.
Wanda told me Fay was to celebrate her birthday this coming Sunday. She said Ron Holland had a birthday on the 18th. She said he was doing a little better when last she talked to him. He has had a long battle with illness. Keep him in your prayers.
Sunday was one of the best days of my adult life. I asked and received the gift I really wanted. All three of my children – Teri, Ann and John attended church with me, along with their spouses, Ray and Charity. My niece Pat was already at church when we got there. It had been years since they were all in Monterey Christian Church at one time. Teri and Ray lived away from Kentucky for most of their married life. John and Ann have always been close, but were never with me at the same time. I sat on the end of the pew and listened to their voices when we sang. They have beautiful singing voices. That comes from the O’Banion’s. My father and grandmother were very good singers. My brother, sister and I sang in the choir and at functions at school and around Owenton. When church was over I asked Sue if she would play Amazing Grace, so we could all sing one time together. Ray, Ann and Pat have strong singing voices, Teri and I not so much, but together we were great. Charity took our pictures and John was the audience. A mother could not have been happier or prouder of her children than I was at that moment.
At my age, it just doesn’t get any better.
They all came home with me and had a bit of lunch, visited and went on to other commitments. They left just in time for me to catch Tiger tee off at the “Players.” He won – the end of a perfect day.