Kay's Branch News: Mother Nature ignorning the calendar

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By Bee Spicer

I got up and rebuilt my fire this morning. I let it go out Saturday, laboring under the delusion that spring might actually be here. It was in the high 40s and the sun was shining. Fay said they got out and cleaned their Martin houses and rearranged them. They didn’t have many last year, so they decided it was the locations. They had just gotten the job done and were back in the house when they saw the first scout fly in. The birds are on schedule, even if Mother Nature is not.
Sarah and Vincent were at Teri’s last week for a few days. They were here for the joint birthday party. Sarah and Rachel were born four years shy of two day apart. Rachel’s birthday is the 23rd and Sarah’s the 25th. The party was a day early because Sarah had to go back to Illinois on Saturday. She had intended to stay till Sunday, but the weather report made them decide to go home a day early. Zac Harrod, Mike Raisor’s grandson, had his 16th birthday last week – as did Eric Stamper, Sue’s youngest. He turned 25. We had a good crowd in spite of the inclement weather. We are having a Maundy Thursday service at the church at 6:00 p.m. this week. The community is invited. It doesn’t seem possible that Easter is upon us.
Mount Vernon Church had a very good day Sunday. Nicole Roberts, their Bible drill candidate, passed her initial test and will go to the finals next weekend. The church took her out to lunch at the new Logan’s Road House in Frankfort. Fay said the food was excellent.
Wanda took advantage of the pretty Saturday and took Joyce and Barbara to Crestwood to visit Jimmy and Naomi Brock. Jimmy is the last surviving brother of Joyce. He is 85 now and has health problems and doesn’t get out much anymore. Wanda said they had a very nice visit. On returning home, they gathered the troops and took Ray’s nephew and some of his friends to 6 Mile to dance the evening away. Sunday they were at Ray’s for a goodbye supper for his sister Patty and granddaughter Fury. They are returning to South Carolina this morning. They have had a great visit here but it was time to go home.
I spent Thursday Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon glued to the TV set. Tiger was playing in the Arnold Palmer Tournament in Orlando, Fla. Oh, there were basketball games on too. I only turned to CBS to check the scores and to see who won. Since UK is out my interest has flagged, but I figured Kentucky and I should support the “home” team so I am now a brief, but avid Louisville fan. Mother Nature turned on me again and the golf game was washed out Sunday afternoon, so I am trying to get my chores and this column done so I can plant myself in front of the idiot box once again and see the end of the golf tournament at 10:00 a.m. Happy Birthday to all and to all have a very good Easter.