Kays Branch News: It’s a good time to stick close to home

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By Bee Spicer

I’m back into my routine -- rush around and get it done on Monday morning. This means the holidays are finally over and I can get back to normal, whatever that is.
I went to Frankfort on Saturday and stocked up on books and pet food. I have enough leftovers to last me till February.
It was 0 degrees on my thermometer when I got up this morning. I got in enough wood last evening to last till Wednesday, so I won’t have to get out of the house. We cancelled bridge this week so I have no reason to, but nothing lasts forever in Kentucky.
The weather man said we would be back to the 50s be Friday.
Fay and Bruce have a bit more preparation to make than I do. They went to a knife show at Heritage Hall on Saturday, but pulled out and came home to get out enough hay to do their cattle for a while. There’s plenty of water in the creek so they don’t have that to worry about. She, like me, is sticking close to home and doing busy work, like cleaning out closets.
Ray Traylor came last week to hang the new light I bought to put in the stairwell. While he was here, Wanda got a call telling her that they had found his mother dead in bed that morning. They had just been Christmas shopping and out to eat the Saturday before. She was buried on Friday. She was buried at Sunset Gardens in Frankfort, so the funeral here had to be early to get them there on time. The family and friends went to the Cattleman’s Roadhouse after the burial at 12:30. She was also the mother of Jean O’Banion. There are several other children in the family but I don’t really know them, but to all the Traylor family we send our deepest sympathy. The sister, Patty, made the trip back to South Carolina on Sunday.
Robbie, Rita and Pat came to visit on New Year’s Day. John and Charity came down to visit with us too. Ann had already made plans to go to Hart County to a friend’s home for a house party on New Year’s Day.
The day was sunny and mild and we had a really good visit. For those of you who don’t know, Pat and Robbie are my niece and nephew, Barbara’s children.
Wanda said she and Ray decided to go to Ginza Japanese Steakhouse and Grill for supper, but there was such a long line that they opted to wait and go back for lunch New Years Day. They prepare, chop, toss and cook at your table, a flamboyant and entertaining manner and the food is good too. She didn’t say just where this place is and I am not a person who eats out much, so I haven’t a clue.  
I went to the library on Saturday to stock up on books and ran into Trena, one of the Scheommillier twins. She, her son and Chris’ girls were in the big hall putting their art work in the glass display case. Their grandmother Laurie teaches art there on Saturdays, I think. Trena got permission to display the children’s work. These are children from about 8 to 12 and they are very good. If you frequent the Paul Sawyer Public Library, take a look at their work.
Rosemary is out of rehab, but couldn’t go home to either of her homes because of the stairs, so she set up housekeeping in her beauty shop in Peewee Valley. She has a hospital bed, a rolling stool, hot plate and bathroom facilities. All the comforts of home and she doesn’t have to walk to work.
Wanda stopped on her way home last week to visit her cousins Geraldine and Richard Wright. She hadn’t seen them in years, so they spent the afternoon visiting and catching up. Their son David and family were there so she got to catch up with them too. She is trying to keep in touch with old friends and relatives since she retired.
That’s it from the Branch this week. Everybody has decided to stay at home and keep warm till this cold snap is over. I hope everybody out there is as fortunate as we are. Most of the Branchites are retired  or self-employed, so they can pretty much make their own schedules. No birthdays of note this week so I’ll just say happy birthday to all you January babies.