Kays Branch News: Hunters and drivers should look out

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By Bee Spicer

My truck is running again. Chris came after work and put his heavy duty battery charger on it. I had fixed his supper and he ate while it was charging — and then watched TV with me while he waited. Wanda came about 8:10 p.m. to watch Dancing with the Stars with me. She had wanted to see the show because she enjoys dancing so much. She mentioned she had just come from her belly dancing class. Oops, another mistake: I said last week that she had joined a ballroom dancing class. There’s a good deal of difference. Chris watched a few minutes then went out to check the truck to see if the battery was charged enough and went home. Wanda stayed till the last dance. She said she was enjoying her belly dancing classes. Jamee Jackson teaches the classes at her home on Seminary Street. She had a group of older ladies who drive from Frankfort to take the class and then go to the Smith to eat. They figure they have worked off enough calories to have pie. 

There has been a stray dog living at Scratch True’s old house all summer. It looked almost exactly like my dog, Traveler, a black border collie. I wanted to adopt him but I just couldn’t take in another dog. John told me that Abby Boxx, who works for Joel and lived just across from him, wanted it but she couldn’t get close to him. He’d evidently been mistreated and was afraid of people. Bruce was the only one who could get close to him. He caught him finally and took him to the Boxx’s house. Abby told Wanda he’d been there about two weeks now and was a different dog. Her husband, Don, said the dog is so happy and playful now, you wouldn’t know it was the same dog. It makes me happy, too. I hated the thought of it being out in the cold and bad weather all winter.

There were lots of birthdays celebrated this weekend. There was a big party Saturday evening at the extension center for Eula Smoot Stephenson. She was 84. Her sister Lucy had her birthday there not long ago. They were from a family of 12, Eula is the youngest. Audrey and  Rastus were there celebrating their birthday, too. We had a party of eight who went to Cattlemen’s in Frankfort Saturday night to celebrate Bayley, Chris, and my birthday. Their birthdays were on the 13th. Mine was not till Friday, but at my age you celebrate when you can. The Fire House’s Thanksgiving Dinner wasn’t as well-attended because a lot of their regulars were off doing the birthday thing, but those who did attend had a good time and got in some dancing. Thanks to all the volunteers who work so hard at these community gatherings.

We have several on our sick list this week. Curtis “Kemper” Martin had a serious operation this week. She is in St. Elizabeth Hospital in Florence. Her brother, Harold Kemper, is in serious condition in a Lexington hospital. Johnny Bob went to the Hurstborne Rehab center this week for several days of rehabilitation. He hopes to be back at Robbie’s by midweek. Gene Florence — who is married to Cybil Gaines’ daughter, Cathy — had surgery to remove a blood clot on his brain. They were at a trade show in Michigan when he became ill. Keep all of the above in your prayers.

Six Mile Jamboree on 421, where Wanda’s friends go to dance to the music of the Buckskins Band, lost one of its members last week. Dale Smith passed away suddenly. His twin, Gayle, who also plays with the group; so his son, Steve, has agreed to fill in. Wanda says they play good music and she hopes this works for them.

Deer season started Saturday, which was very apparent by the increase of truck traffic on the Branch. I almost ran over a careless hunter on a 4-wheeler Sunday morning. I was on my way to church and came over the hill and there was a hunter trawling along the middle of the road looking from left to right. I slowed and was right on his bumper doing about 15 miles an hour when a young deer appeared right at the fence line. He slammed on his brakes and was reaching for his rifle. I nearly ran over him. Thank goodness for the brakes on the van. I blew my horn and he hadn’t a clue that I was there. He ran clear off the road and into the ditch. The man must not have had any peripheral vision at all.

Wanda said the guys at the hunting shack had gotten four bucks and six doe. Billy Ray led the field with the biggest rack, so far.

It is beautiful weather but not really good for hanging meat. They have to process the kill quickly or lose the meat, but it’s really fine for being out in the woods — just pay a little more attention when you’re on the road.