Kay's Branch News: Holiday wasn't the biggest news on the Branch

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By Bee Spicer

The good weather held long enough for all the Thanksgiving travelers to go and get home safely, for Joel to get the last of the concrete poured outside his new building and for the eager beaver Christmas shopper, who were camped outside the stores. Friday would be the last choice for shopping as far as I am concerned.
John and I did go to Owenton Friday to visit with Teri and to see Sarah and Vincent while they were here.
We stopped on the way home to get some milk and I was picking up a few things in the aisles when the lady next to me said, “Hello Bee.” I knew I should know her but didn’t have a clue as to who she was. She was Coleman Wilhoite’s sister. She said she had a nice Thanksgiving with him and Ralph’s families.
Wanda said she took Joyce to “6 Mile”  Saturday to dance away the evening on her 81st birthday. They were also celebrating Wanda’s birthday which falls on Monday of this week.
Cig Atha and Coleman were there too. She said there was a good crowd. Dennis Kidd from Monterey is still playing with this band  and they enjoyed their music.
Robbie’s sons Scott and Will both have birthday too, one on the 20th and the other the 27th. Happy birthday to all of the above.
Kenny O’Banion had a scare this past week. They were watching TV early in the week when they noticed a crackling or frying sound. It was coming from their electric water heater. It seems it had caught on fire and was burning inside the metal covering. They quickly unhooked it from the electricity, and water and picked it up and carried it to the yard away from their house. It was just lucky that they were at home because it probably would have burned the house down.
We have a new Kay’s Branch sign at the beginning of the road. It was put up last week. Wanda had made one last year but the heavy snow and snow plows had torn it down. She retrieved the actual sign and put it on the bank beside the road’s entrance but it was pretty faded. She said we are no longer a state road. The county, after all these many years, has finally agreed to take it over. I don’t know what that will do to our stellar record of quick snow removal. The state trucks always came up our road when they did Hwy. 368. We are no longer Hwy. 897. I was rather fond of that number. Now I will have to learn a new one. John’s just gotten Google Maps straightened out with all our house locations. Now he’ll have to do it all over again.
I should have started with this item, in large type – UK BEAT TENN. , for the first time in 26 years on Saturday, with a quarterback who hadn’t played that position since he was in high school.
Do I hear “feel good movie” in our future? Nah, nobody would believe it.  
I think everybody on the Branch had a great Thanksgiving. It was a beautiful day for traveling. Our bunch went to Amie’s, Pat’s daughter’s house to visit and partake of the traditional feast.
Fay hosted her family. Jennifer got the long weekend off and was in attendance. Fay said she got the Christmas tree up and decorated before she had to go back to Lexington on Sunday. Wanda said the New-True Clan went to Vanessa and Willis’ and joined forces with his mom, grandmother and brothers and families for a big family holiday.