Kay's Branch News: Fruit trees having a peach of a season around here

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Another slow start this Monday morning.
My printer is acting up, so I had to write out Wanda’s news in long hand before starting. By that time, it was too late to call Fay. I did see her a few minutes on Sunday morning. She stopped on her way to church to leave me a large sack of corn. They have been working in their corn this week. She is such a good neighbor. She always remembers me, who no longer attempts to put in a garden and must rely on the kindness of my neighbors.
Wanda had been busy this week too.
She said Ray’s peach trees have been so full this summer they have broken off some limbs under the load of the crop. She said they have put up 25 quarts and they are still ripening. The apple crop has been that way too. Both my trees and Barbara’s have been bent over with apples this year. This must be the year of the fruit.
Besides canning peaches, Wanda had been trying to contact her classmates to make them aware of a class reunion to be held on Oct. 19 of this year. It has been hard this year because a lot of them have dropped their land lines for cell phones. She also, like me, does not do Facebook, so her options are limited. So if you get the paper, and you know who you are, please contact Wanda. She is still in the Owen County directory.
She and Ray did find time this week to go to the Schimmeoller’s “Peas ‘n Poetry” on Tuesday evening. She said she didn’t have time to think up a poem so she just enjoyed the efforts of the others. She said there was a very good crowd and the evening was beautiful. The food was good as well.
Jean Zeitz, who I talked to on the phone Friday night, also said she went to the Schimmeollers on Tuesday. They always have a great party.
Wanda reminded me that the Owen County Historical Society is having its River Days event on this coming Saturday. It starts at 11 a.m.
The Kentucky State Fair also starts this week, so there will be lots of things to do.
We had a pleasant surprise when we went to church on Sunday.
Mike Raisor had finally found someone who would fix our window. We have the stained glass covered with Plexiglas.
The piece of wood frame at the bottom had rotted out and in one of the storms in late winter caused the Plexiglas to slide out and down into the basement stairwell. The men have been trying to get someone to fix it ever since. They all asked around the area and got promises but no results. Mike ran into Junior Wages and told him about our problem and he said ‘yes, I’ll fix it for you,’ and he did.
He went to the church, cleaned the piece of glass, which thankfully hadn’t broken, and replaced it. When Mike tried to pay him, he refused payment, said it wasn’t much of a job.
Well, we just want him to know that it was a tremendous job for us. We thank him and God bless.
Our preacher’s daughter Merriam turned 2 on Saturday. John’s stepdaughter has a birthday on Friday. Charity is having her parents and some of the family on the weekend to celebrate.
Rastus McDonald has been have health problems for some time. He will be operated on Tuesday.
Jean Zeits is also having a series of radiation treatments in the next few weeks.
Keep them in your prayers.