Kay's Branch News: Friends can always be found here

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By Bee Spicer

It’s a lovely day to be alive. The sun is shining, the birds are singing - yes, the birds are beginning to come back. I saw a beautiful blue bird fly across my viewing area as I drove down the road this past week.
Ann reports that the skunks are out too. The groundhog did not see his shadow, anywhere in the eastern part of the U.S. and Easter Sunday is early this year, so I am expecting an early spring this year. You heard it here first. Now watch it snow a blizzard on Easter Sunday.
Lela Maude had her 96th birthday on Saturday. Some of her family came to spend the weekend and help her celebrate. Wanda stopped by to wish her a happy birthday and told her she was rooting for her to make it to 100. It won’t be as long as it has been. Wanda’s been saying that every year since I have been writing the column. Wanda also said our neighbor Mike Bates had a birthday on that Saturday too. Last week, Barbara True had a birthday celebration for three of her clan. Vanessa and little Micah a birthday on the 2nd, that was mother’s birthday too, and Vanessa’s husband Willis’ birthday was on the 5th. Barbara decided to lump them altogether and just make one dinner for all. David has been taking radiation treatments for a few weeks and she has less time to cook now.
Our good friend and Monterey boy , Richard “Butch” Lawrence, is celebrating his birthday this week. He was a Valentine’s baby. Happy birthday to all who have celebrated their birthday the past couple of weeks.
I called Fay this morning to catch up. She has been doing very little this week but helping Bruce keep a check on their cows.
Wanda has been initiated into the calf birthing business this week too. She has been helping Ray with his new crop of babies. This is a busy time for cattle farmers. It’s like every other part of farming, you have to love it to do it, because it sure won’t make you rich.
I was late getting the column in this morning. I called Fay to catch up with them and talked a half hour about – well, just stuff. Nothing news worthy but it’s always fun to talk to her. She did give me a bit of news that wasn’t flushed out, so I called Lou Ann, because she always knows everything. It seems our friend, Rastus McDonald is in the hospital in Frankfort. He has been having some mini strokes this winter and they must have gotten worse. His wife Audrey is staying at the hospital with him. Keep them in your prayers.
In making the call to Lou, I wound being on the phone for another half hour. We had just seen each other at church on Sunday, but with an old friend one can always find something else to say. That is why I love living in this state, this county and this area. One is surrounded with family, old friends, new friends and there is always something to talk about. You are only lonely if you want to be.