Kay's Branch News: Easter is the big topic around the Branch this week

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By Bee Spicer

Easter, all the news in the community is about Easter this week. Well, almost all. All the churches in the area were full. After a less than beautiful start the day turned out very nice.
Old Cedar had its sunrise service in the church this year. The wind was just too raw to venture out and the rain didn’t add to the ambiance. Our preacher is new and had visions of a sunrise service too, but we nixed it.
Christians (Disciples) aren’t as hardy as Baptists, but we had a lovely service anyway.
The men of Old Cedar cooked breakfast, as usual, before their regular service. Fay said Mount Vernon had a good crowd. They went to her brother Gary’s homes in Scott County for Easter dinner before attending the Bible drill that afternoon.
Nichole passed this phase too and is on to the state competition.
The New-True clan celebrated its Easter dinner on Saturday, which was a sunny, dry day, so the small and not so small children could have their Easter egg hunt.
This has always been a big tradition with the clan since they started having children and grandchildren.
Wanda and Ray saw the sunshine and their first thought was fishing. So they and several of Ray’s kin suited up and went to Perry Park for a day of fishing. Wanda said the sun didn’t do much for them, when the Kentucky River fog rolled in. It finally did clear and get warmer about noon, but even the fish didn’t want to get out of their holes, so other than enjoying the company of friends the day was pretty much a bust.
They did thaw out in time to join several of his other relatives on a trip to the Golden Corral for supper that night. It seems a lot of other people had the same idea, but they did get in and had a good supper with friends and family. Wanda said that Barbara had so much food left from her Saturday dinner that she and several of the family joined her for leftovers on Sunday.
The cold and wet weather has made it very hard for hard core gardeners to get in their early crops.
Ray got his garden plowed this week and some snow peas in, but the early onions, cabbage and other cold crops will be late this year.
Not only was Monday April Fool’s Day, but it was also Brett McDonald’s birthday.
Hailey Harrod turned 6 Tuesday.
Sayward Stamper came to church on Sunday with Sue’s new granddaughter. She is about 5-months-old now and is beautiful like all of Sue’s boys were at her age. I’d mention her name, but I can’t remember how to spell it. She is named for a town they visited last year when they all went to Italy. April is not only a popular birthday month, but it also tax time. Mine has been done, thanks to Bob Henderson, so this is just a reminder to all you procrastinators out there.
Josie’s youngest, Adam, who will graduate this May, has joined the Marines and will be going to boot camp later in the summer. We wish him well.
I also learned that Randy Brumback had passed away. He was a mail carrier when Bruce and Wanda were with the post office. We send our sympathy to the family from the Branch community.
I have done nothing of interest this week. There has been some work at the “Dog House.” John said they were putting in air conditioning. I haven’t started any projects this spring, so I am living vicariously through Bro.Craft’s endeavors. I shall have to go over and introduce myself, if it ever gets warm enough to get out of the house.