Kay's Branch News: Community will come together, clean up Monterey

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By Bee Spicer

What a great week for working outside, or playing for that matter. I played golf Wednesday and still had enough energy to go to Walmart and do my shopping. Got the yard mowed Thursday and still helped John tear down the fence that has guarded the front yard since 1978. John and I had a discussion about posts that were rotting out and planking that was split and needed painting. I decided to just take it down. He called about noon and asked what I had decided and when I said I thought I would just take it out, he came down and by 2:30 p.m., it was dismantled, loaded on the pick-up and taken to the burn pile. We got gravel from the barn and a bunch of creek rock and filled the holes that were left, so nobody would step in them and break something. Now I can mow and John won’t have so much weed-trimming to do.
I talked to Fay. She said they had gone to Stamping Ground after the big storm blew through Franklin and Scott.
There were big trees down at the end of Cedar Creek Road and up 227 and there were electrical outages all over the place. Mount Vernon Church’s electricity was still out Sunday morning. We had a little wind here and scared the little dogs but there were no limbs or even leaves on the ground. Mount Vernon is only about four miles up the road from me.
Charlene Raisor had a phone call from her granddaughter Nichole who said their house had burned to the ground Saturday night and they had lost everything. She had also heard from her son in Oregon that his wife had fallen down a hill at the back of their house and broken a bone in her leg. They had to operate and put a pin in it. It hasn’t been a great week for her family.
On a happier note, Jean Zeitz said her granddaughter Nadash, Kirkie’s oldest, is having her fifth birthday this week.
Doreen reported an interest in cleaning up some of the abandoned or burned out houses in Monterey. It was decided to have a workday on the fourth Saturday and try to improve the looks of the town. Any trash or abandoned junk can be taken to the Free Day at the dump in Owenton. If you can spare some time and have a pick-up, rake or broom and a pair of gloves, they could use your help.
Wanda said she had been too busy outdoors this week to do anything “fun.” She did say that Micah, Patrick’s youngest, was now in kindergarten and Barbara is out of grandchildren to baby sit. She said Micah was so thrilled with “school” that he wanted to go on Saturday. They had to explain that there was no school on Saturday. He wasn’t too happy about that, but that will change.
The buses are running again, football is about to start and the ever popular “election of state officials” will be plaguing us with the never-ending political ads on TV. Even the weather is giving us a hint of fall. John’s already started talking about rearranging the wood lot to make room for three trees that have blown over that he can get to easily. Yes, fall is definitely in the air, but I’m not quite ready to put away the summer duds and bring out the sweat shirts and jeans yet.
Have a good week.