Kay's Branch News: Cold weather means slow news

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By Bee Spicer

Good morning. The sun is out and it’s lighting up the hard frost and freeze of last night.
The TV said it’s in the teens but my thermometer says 38. Bless it’s little mercury heart. It always gives me a false sense of warmth in the winter. You see, when the sun comes up over the hill in front of my house, it shines directly on the thermometer which causes the mercury to shoot up and it rises to about the roof. When the shade finally comes, it drops back into its proper reading. I know this, but it makes me feel like spring is on the way for a few minutes.
This has been a very long, cold winter. I don’t know which is going to give out first - the cold or my wood pile. The groundhog got it wrong yet again.
As you can see, I have very little to write about this morning. I’ve had my nose in a book all this week so I haven’t learned anything new.
Wanda and Fay had nothing for me either.
We did have church Sunday, but it was sans preacher and only six of the faithful showed up. We used to plow through 6 inches of snow and go anywhere but now if there’s a skiff of snow on the roads we stay at home.
Of course, in the “olden days,” we drove cars that were made of steel, and drove at 30 to 40 miles per hour.
Now we all have new cars made out of plastic and drive like we must be there yesterday.
In years to come, we will all be born without legs and be fitted with tiny motorized wheels so we won’t have to walk or drive at all.
Wanda said she neglected to mention that Jean O’Banion walked in the “God’s Little Hearts” walkathon last week. She also helped to make and serve the chili that was sold to make money for the organization. Jean has a grandson with heart problems.  
There has been a lot of goings on up the road at John Harrod’s lane. KU trucks, gravel trucks and heavy equipment going in and out.
Of course all my sources have been frozen in place all week so nobody could tell me what was going on. John lives just across the road from all the activity and he didn’t even know.
Maybe next week, I will have full report. There has been no activity at the “dog house” for the past couple of weeks. It’s just been too cloudy and cold to work on water or carpentry. I did learn the man’s name though - Bill Craft from Whitesburg.
It’s a four-hour drive to get here so he wants to be sure he can get in a long days work when he comes. He is going to do all this work and expense to get his dog off of Cedar Creek Road - our super highway. Did no one tell him about Earth Tools?
Kay’s Branch is now the little brother of the super highway. Every semi and delivery truck known to man comes up this road from Monday to Saturday and the Mount Vernon Church traffic on Sunday.
Joel tries to schedule them from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. but he has been to a trade show all week.
Friday night, I looked out the window and thought there was an accident at the farm gate. It was flat dark and there was red lights flashing everywhere. I stepped out on the porch to see what was going on. There was a large semi parked up the road by their mailbox and another semi trying to come up the lane and turn out on to the highway. When the leaving truck got out and headed down the road, the other truck had to back up and make his inference.
Bruce was coming down the road from the church and had to stop on the hill and wait till all this “monster truck ballet” was finished. Joel has a new floor manager and I guess he forgot about the scheduling.
Maybe I’ll have more to report next week. I have bridge on Tuesday and yet another play on Saturday this week.
I am looking forward to dropping the theater season and going into the mowing and golf.
Until that time comes, I am not putting away the long underwear.