Kay's Branch News: Christmas means family down on the Branch

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By Bee Spicer

I had a very good Christmas. The week preceding was kind of hectic but that’s to be expected. I had gone to Frankfort Tuesday to do the shopping and get gas, so I would have the rest of the week to stay at home and do the last-minute wrapping, make candy and clean.
It wasn’t to be.
June Stokley called Tuesday night to ask if I could play dominos on Wednesday. Now I should have said no but one must have their priorities straight. So I went to Garden Point to play dominos on Wednesday.
Thursday, I did get some candy made to give to my very nice mail person and the boys at Earthtools.
Friday, I got the last of the gifts under the tree and made more candy for the family.
My wise men from the WG Simpson Lodge came Friday evening bearing a nice fruit basket and enquiring after my health.
My neighbor George Miller went right by the house. He is not here that often and was looking for a white house with a black fence across the front of it. These are the lodge members who were appointed a couple of years ago to look after the widows of past masters. It was a very nice gesture but between John and the men at Earthtools. my needs are pretty much taken care of, but it is nice to be thought of in any case. Thank you, gentlemen for your kindness.
Pat called early on Saturday morning to tell me that Johnny Bob had to go into the hospital early that morning. He had pneumonia again. I was concerned about him all that day, until her brother Robbie called that afternoon to tell me that he was doing fine. They had gotten the water off his lungs and he was feeling much better by afternoon. They got to bring him home on Sunday afternoon. That made Christmas much nicer for all of us
I went to church Sunday morning. We decided to have church even though a large part of our members would be other places. Sue came so we had music. We had a very nice service. I wasn’t having my family until the afternoon so I had most everything done before I went.
My family started arriving about 1:30 p.m. when Ann came down from her house in the woods.
Teri and Vincent, John and Charity arrived about the same time at 2 p.m. Ray wasn’t able to come with them. He had hurt a foot at the first of the week and he can’t get a shoe on. He has been experiencing a lot of pain.
Teri had to call Rachel and cancel her Christmas supper. We took the traditional family picture in front of the tree and then opened presents.
No one  suggested turning on the  TV.
I had snacks set out on the kitchen island so they could eat when they wanted to and we just visited.
Teri left at 4 p.m. She didn’t want to leave Ray too long.
Chris and Rachel and their children left about 5:30 p.m.
Ann, John and Charity stayed to eat supper with me. They helped clear the table and load the dishwasher and took their gifts and left about 6:45 p.m.
I fed the pets and went to the sun room and sat down. I was worn out but very happy. It was a good day.
Wanda said they didn’t really do much celebrating. She went to Barbara’s house and to her mother’s for a while but everyone was in different stages of catching the flu or just too much Christmas.
She did tell me about a bit of excitement at Rendell Hall’s house. Billy Ballenger was cruising up Kay’s Branch Road about dusk looking for deer when he saw smoke coming from their front porch.
He first thought it might be  their outdoor grill but on closer look it was his front porch and it had begun to blaze. He stopped and found their hose. Thank goodness it hadn’t been turned off for the winter.
He sprayed down the spot. He had caught it before it really caught hold. The daughter Shannon told him later that her brother had set some ashes out on the porch in a plastic bucket.
I’m just glad I don’t have to report a house fire on Christmas.
Fay finally called tonight. They have been running for the past three weeks. They went to the Riddle family gathering at her nephew David’s house on Saturday evening. That is her sister Sue’s son.
They went to visit Scotty and Josie Humphry on Sunday afternoon and to Jennifer’s Monday. She said she was ready to stay home for a while. She said they had a very nice Christmas too.
It’s over for another year. The beautiful packages are now torn paper and abandon ribbon. The toys are stuck in the corner and the boxes are the thing the kids are playing with, but the weather was beautiful and I will have fond memories of this holiday.
The new year is coming. I wish everybody good health and the best of all possible worlds in the coming year.