Kay's Branch News: Busy days down on the Branch

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By Bee Spicer

We’ve sure had a beautiful stretch of weather. Even the cloudy days were mild. It hasn’t been too good for the deer hunters though. There weren’t as many hunters on the Branch this weekend. Ann and I thought we saw one at Bruce’s barn as we went down the road Friday morning on our way to Frankfort.
He had an antlered buck lying by his truck. I don’t know how many points it was. We didn’t stop to count. There was only one at the hunting shack as we came home. Wanda said she dropped by there to get a report for the group that comes up from Whitesburg every year. They had only gotten six deer and said it was too windy and warm to do much hunting. Because of the warm weather, the hunters couldn’t let the carcasses hang to long.
We had some excitement on the Branch this week. John had been over at Joel’s house Monday afternoon and stopped here for a few minutes.
He was getting ready to go home and we were standing in the yard talking when we heard sirens coming up the road.
He said it was a fire engine and someone’s in trouble. We stood there and watched a fire truck turn the curve and race by my house with an ambulance right behind.
He was about to start home again when we heard more sirens. Here came another tank truck and a pumper. Then Don Boxx in his little red pickup came sauntering up the road.
John waved at him to move on because we could hear yet another siren approaching. John decided to go see where the fire was because we could see no smoke on the horizon.
We knew it wasn’t his house or John Harrod’s and we heard the parade pass Ann’s place. He and several other neighbors drove to Mount Vernon church road and were met with a road block that had been set up to turn sightseers back. One of the barns on the old Marcum place was loaded with hay and it had begun to smoke. I don’t think it actually blazed.
Before long, a fire truck and the ambulance passed the house going home. A bit later another vehicle left the scene. I saw the last two leave about 5:30 p.m. They had fire trucks from Frankfort, Owenton and Monterey up there. The Monterey department stayed around to make sure that it didn’t rekindle and actually burn the barn down.
It’s good to know we have that kind of help available. Thanks fellows.
Ann and I went to Frankfort on Veteran’s  Day with the intention of going to the new military museum located in the old arsenal which everyone called “The Castle” on East Main Street Hill. We soon scratched that idea when we saw their parking lot. I have more room to park in my driveway and parking area. The only way to get to it was to park at the Kentucky History Museum and walk up the hill. We decided to just visit the history museum instead.
Saturday we went to the book fair at the convention center. Ann had a book of Wendell Berry’s FARM poem and wanted to get him to sign it which he did.
Gray Zeitz also had a booth at the fair. We spent some time with him too. It was really interesting and had a lot of good authors and books there, but it was a lot of walking. I used to go to the book fair every year when it was first started. I was on the state library board at the time and was much younger then. I find I don’t have the stamina for all that walking now but I’m glad I went.
Lou Ann was at church Sunday and Mike brought Catherine down from Frankfort. We were having our Thanksgiving dinner at the church. We had a very good turnout and plenty of food. Joel said Rosemary was out of rehab and was at home now. It will be a while before she can drive but she is doing well.
I jumped the gun on some of the birthdays last week. Doreen and Steven’s birthdays weren’t until this week on the 18th. My birthday is the 19th and Charlene’s  and Catherine Raisor’s are 21st and 23rd. We’re grouping several birthdays in the family and celebrating with dinner out on the 16th. Wanda said Wilma  O’Banion’s granddaughter Desiree Dunn had her 18th birthday this weekend. Her father roasted a pig in a pit and had a big party for her in Campbellsville Saturday night. Wilma told her they had a big crowd and a bon fire to knock the chill off the evening.
Wanda had Veterans Day off so she finally got to go with her mother’s crowd to the dance on Friday in Lawrenceburg. It’s the first one she’s been to in a year. They ate supper at Frisch’s on the way and she ran into Dorothy Johnson and her family. They were there celebrating her grandson’s birthday.  So here’s a blanket “happy birthday”  to all who have birthdays this month.
On a sadder note, I lost my pommie Sandy this week. He hadn’t been eating and didn’t act like he felt well so I took him to the vet.
The vet discovered a liaison at the back of the soft palate and a large mass behind it. It was very large and was closing off his esophagus. It was inoperable so I had to put Sandy to sleep.
I had had him for since he was 8 weeks old. That was 10 and a half years ago.
It wasn’t the best couple of days for me, but if you love animals and have pets you have to accept the fact that you are going to outlive them.
For me, the joy and companionship far out weighs the loss.