Kays Branch News by Bee Spicer

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By The Staff

Fall has finally arrived along with the World Equestrian Games extravaganza, the University of Kentucky’s umpteenth loss to Florida and our theater season.

Ann, Pat and I went to Louisville Saturday afternoon to see “The Kite Runner.” It is a play made from a novel about a boy growing up in Afghanistan in 1975 and migrating to California in the early 80s. I can’t begin to describe the plot or the impact it had on the audience. It is enough to say nobody got up and left at the intermission. If you can’t go to see the play, I recommend you read the book. It is very enlightening and will broaden your understanding of the war then and now.

We swung by Shelbyville to look in on Johnny Bob on the way home so it was nearly 7 p.m. before I got home to feed the dogs and sit down to supper. I didn’t get to go to the Monterey Fire Dept. barbecue.

Wanda said she got home in time to go and stayed for the dancing and to enjoy the music of Rex Miller and some of the local talent. There was a father and son there who had recently been in a wreck in Owen County. They were so impressed with the spirit of our little community and the help they received from our rescue squad that he wanted to bring his wife back to visit. They live six hours away so the fire department must have done their job well. I hope they made a lot of money for their department.

Wanda said she went to the Luscher’s sorghum making party after work Saturday.

She and Danny used to go to their house on the night before and help cut and strip the cane and help set up the next day. Jessie would make huge pans of homemade biscuits and they would eat the hot sorghum when it came out of the spicket and enjoy the day with a lot of good friends.

She said the crowd had changed since she had been there last but it was good to be out on a cool autumn day and watch the process once more.

Fay and Bruce picked their late corn last week and shared it with the neighborhood. I didn’t know there would be any late corn until they drove up with a pickup load in their truck.

Fay came to the door with two big sacks of corn and asked if I wanted more because they had plenty. I said I could use a little more.

I thought I had nothing to do on Tuesday but I looked at my calendar and there was “bridge” at 1 p.m.

So is set up shop in the basement and shucked and silked corn while watching “Dancing with the Stars.” I got up the next morning, cut it off, cooked it and had it frozen before I left for Betty Marston’s and the card party. Wanda said the “corn fairies came to her house too.

Mike Raisor reported that Scott Ballard was still in the hospital but he seems a bit better this week.

Horace Ray Luther came home from the hospital.

My nephew’s son Scott had a wreck at the first of the week and totaled his truck. The police took him to the hospital. Except for a badly mauled ear, his injuries were minor. He is at home now.

We were sorry to hear that Beverly Atha, a cousin and kin of the Atha family in Monterey, was found dead in her apartment the first of the week. She had attended the Atha reunion on Sunday afternoon and wasn’t well. Her death was unexpected. Our sympathy to her family.

We have several birthdays this week – Lou Ann Tupts, Dennis Raisor and Dennis’ granddaughter, Dennisha. Lou and Dennis declined to say what their numbers were but Dennisha was 10. She’s young enough to be thrilled with another birthday. Happy birthday to one and all.

The Monterey Homecoming Fair is Saturday. Everybody is sprucing up their yards and the area. The house that burnt should be cleaned up before the big day. They wanted me to remind everyone that they need cakes and baked goods for the cake walk. Anyone who would like to contribute can take their offering to Coleman Wilhoite’s house. His house is next to the Simpson house that burnt.

The Mount Vernon Church’s annual soup dinner is Sunday too.

As bad as we need rain, let’s hope the weather stays sunny and cool for all the local outings and the WEG sporting events at the Kentucky Horse Park. We would like to leave a lasting and favorable impression on all our foreign visitors. We live in the most beautiful place on God’s green Earth so let’s put our best foot forward. A smile translates into any language.