Kays Branch News By Bee Spicer

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By The Staff

The weather was just about as good as it can get last week, pleasant mild days and cool nights, great for golf, mowing and sleeping.

Bruce and Fay cut hay all week. They did Wanda’s field and then mowed our field across the road and the ones on this side too. I don’t think he got three rolls out of the whole lot of them. It has been so hot and dry here most of July and August that the second cutting just hasn’t grown much. It does look nice and neat now though.

 Wanda took her kitten to the vet this week and made sure that there would be no more offsprings. She hasn’t told me what she named it but I’m pretty sure it’s found a good home.

She said Willie Hensley had a birthday this week and celebrated with friends at the new pizza place on Wilkerson Boulevard in Frankfort. Wanda said she hadn’t been there before and was very impressed with it. She said it was a huge place and had a lot of interactive games and fun things to do in the arcade room. She said the pizza and salad bar were good and they had great dessert fruit pizzas. I don’t know exactly how that would work, tomato sauce and cheese over fruit, but I’ll take her word for it. She’s my food connoisseur. She said she saw several Owen countians there, partaking of the goodies.

Lou Ann and her family didn’t have as good luck with their birthday celebration. They all went to a seafood restaurant in Louisville Saturday night for Joel’s birthday get-together. I don’t know exactly how many of them went, I was getting the story in church from Rosemary. She did mention Lou, Joel and his sister Melinda. But they all ordered shrimp platters and all woke in the night with food poisoning.

On a happier note, news from Scott Ballard is good. The doctors got blood circulation back in his foot and there was no operation. He is improving and hopes to be home this week.

Butch Lawrence has had chronic back pain for some time now. He had a surgical procedure this week and now says he feels better than he has in four years. He was back at work in three days. Butch currently owns Leak Eliminators. They do underground sewer repairs. His son Andy has recently joined the staff of the Point Community Church in Franklin County. Best wishes for quick recoveries and getting back to good health to all of the above.

Tobacco is being cut, hay rolled and stored, gardens harvested and laid by, the barn martins have flown and things are starting to dry up and turn brown. The weather has cooled off a bit and football is the game of choice. Labor Day will soon be here. It is fall already and I’m not ready for it. Golf season is winding down and we will soon be getting wood ready for winter.

I am ready for some cooler weather though. I guess every season has it compensations.