Kays Branch News: Another week, another outage on the Branch

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By Bee Spicer

Winter has come early this year. We had 4 inches of snow on the Branch this weekend. The DirecTV dish was covered with snow and I had no service on the TV sets except the antenna for most of the day Saturday. The Internet service went out, too, so I had to communicate the old-fashioned way, via phone for about 24 hours.

I was decorating the house all week for Christmas and trying to finish Saturday, so I really didn’t miss it much.

The TV returned by evening but the Internet didn’t come back on till late Sunday afternoon. Last week, it was the lights. Lately I’ve been getting a reminder of how people lived in the 19th century.

I talked to Fay. She had her family for Thanksgiving. She said one of her nephews drove a long-haul truck and his wife was his relief driver. They drove 10 hours from Texas to get to her house for Thanksgiving and were going to head north the next day on another trip. Jennifer was home and managed to get her Christmas trees decorated while she was there. She said they had a very nice day.

I’ve been decorating all week. First I have to take all the fall things down and put them away, then get out the Christmas stuff and redecorate. My house looked like a storm had hit it. I get a little done each day and I have gotten most of it done.

Teri went with me Thursday to shop for gifts, groceries, and things I needed to finish my decorating. If she hadn’t been along I would have quit half way through the process. We went from one end of Walmart to the other. She pushed the cart, knew where one found small children’s clothing, and helped look for things on top shelves that I never see. Thanks to her, I managed to get everything done. We hit Krogers, got gas and went to have lunch before I dropped her off at her house. We were both looking forward to a nap. It was a good day. As we were starting our marathon, we ran into John and Bayley. They were just checking out. We talked to them a few minutes before starting our trek through the store.

As we were checking out, I heard a voice call my name. I turned and this lady was saying she hadn’t seen me in ages, but she kept up with me and my family through the column. It was Pat Sipple. She’s married but I can’t remember her married name. She and her family lived just two doors down from Mother when they were children. We talked a while and she caught me up on her mother and siblings. I hadn’t recognized her and asked her how in the world she knew me. She said, “You look just like your mother.”

Wanda said Barbara and Joyce came to her house and brought lunch for her birthday last weekend. Charles’ wife, Crystal, had a birthday Saturday and Noel New, Patrick’s son, was 12 Monday. He’s the baby that was born in the car on the way to the hospital. Happy birthday to all the above.

Wanda said there was a very nice article and picture, about Tona Barkley Harrod on the front page of the State Journal last week. It was about her accomplishments and dedication to the environment. She is also a very good neighbor.

We didn’t have church Sunday morning, nor did the Mt. Vernon Baptist Church. So many of our congregations are older or live 6 to 8 miles from the churches over back roads. Our preacher has to come from Lexington. We could probably have gotten to the church, but the frozen sidewalks were just too risky to get from one’s car to the church door. Hopefully, the weather will be better next week.

Wanda and Barbara did go to Owenton to the Christmas Parade. She said there were more entries than expected and there was a nice crowd considering the weather. Wanda won a gift certificate to shop in the Owenton stores. She said she got her tree up this weekend, too.

In talking to Pat, I learned that my cousin Margaret Butts fell Thanksgiving day as she was getting out of her daughter’s car. She broke her collar bone and both bones in her left wrist. She phoned me today to fill me in on all the gory details. She has a cast above the elbow but there wasn’t much they could to about the collar bone. She’s at home and staying inside. She just needs to be careful and mend. Charlotte is bringing her meals to her. Our prayers and good wishes to her and the family.

After two years of digging and building, the new Gratz bridge is almost ready to be opened for traffic. The weather will play a big part in the actual opening date. I hadn’t actually seen it until Pat and I went to Smithfield for lunch in November. I was really surprised at how far along it was. Wanda said she had been watching its progress on her mail route. It’s kind of like the new water plant — you hear about the planning and then suddenly it’s a fact. Time sure gets away from you. You are saying Happy New Year and before you turn around you’re getting toward the last page of the calendar. Christmas is just three weeks away. And time is getting away from me, so I’ll say good night.