Kay's Branch News: Almost time to quit talking about basketball

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One more game to get through and my life will be my own again till next November.
I got so vocal Saturday night that both indoor pets, Binks and Dobby, asked to go out. It was a great game. I’m just sorry we had to eliminate the other Kentucky team. I was happy to see four Kentucky teams in the tournament.
After today. I promise not to mention basketball again for a while.
The weekend basketball put a glitch in the bridge game this week. When you play two tables of bridge, one must have eight warm bodies in the chairs. One of my bridge group got tickets to the Final Four.
Doris Kisner called me Wednesday to say, I hate to do this to you but we got tickets to the basketball game and are leaving for New Orleans tomorrow. Now who would want to go to New Orleans to see the Dream Game of the century when they could stay home and play bridge with seven old ladies?
Me of course!
I found a sub and the bridge game was salvaged.
I didn’t have to divide my attention this weekend, Tiger wasn’t playing, but this is Masters week and he’s in the field, so it will be golf this week. Tiger’s in the field.
I have been laboring under the impression that Jean Zeitz was out of the hospital and Kirk was staying with her at her home. That is not the case. Lanny ran into Kirk this last week at Wal-Mart and he said she was coming home from the hospital that day and he was in a rush to fill some prescriptions so he could be there when she did get home. He said she was feeling better but still had a long road ahead of her. Our very best wishes for improving health to her.
Wanda said the Celebration of Life service for her Uncle Chester True will be this week. She, I am assuming, meant his sons will be bring his ashes back to Peaks Mill. I’ll know more about it next week.
Ann went to Cincinnati Saturday to meet a friend and tour the art galleries there. She had a wonderful day. Their initial target was the Monet exhibit at the Cincinnati  Art Gallery, but they also toured some of Cincinnati’s inner city where there was an historic old building in an up-and-coming part of old town that was also very interesting. They had lunch at Finley Market. Ann said she really loved it. She had a very good day. She said her friend was a native of Cincinnati and should be an ambassador of tourism for the town. She really had a good time. She was in her car and back on the road by 4 p.m., so she could get home in time to see The Game.
Birthdays this week; Brett McDonald had a birthday on April 1;  Hayley Harrod turned 5 and Barbara New had a birthday on Monday too. Wanda didn’t mention a number. Happy birthday to all celebrants this week.
I was surprised to learn when I wandered into church on Sunday that it was Palm Sunday.
I don’t know how I missed that.
 Anyway that means that this coming Sunday will be Easter and I haven’t bought my Easter outfit.
Well, I really haven’t bought an Easter outfit since hats went out of style and the children still got Easter baskets.
To all of you, I hope you have a happy and blessed Easter.