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Neighbors pitch in following funeral

By Bee Spicer

It was -1 degrees when I got up Sunday morning, but I only had one call to ask if we were having church. We did. The crowd was small but enough were there to go ahead with the planning meeting we had scheduled last Sunday. We had several out sick. I talked to Charlene Wednesday. She had a cold and felt like she was coming down with the flu. I know several people had it in Frankfort. Audrey told me that she had taken Rastus to the doctor. He wasn’t feeling well and was having a problem with his leg. They thought he might have had a mini stroke and were scheduling an MRI on Wednesday. Lou Ann got home this week. She is wearing her brace and managing to slowly get from one piece of furniture to another, but that’s about all. She goes to Central Baptist in Lexington to be evaluated. Joel is hoping her doctors can make a decision on how to repair her back.
Frank McDonald had hip replacement surgery last week, at least I think it was last week. Joel said it went much better this time and he was recovering nicely. He may be at home by now. All of the above can use our prayers for healing.
Barbara Cook called me about helping with the meal after the Lowe funeral. The Baptist church has the facilities to do this sort of thing. I said I would be glad to, being short notice and in the middle of the week most of our congregations were at work. They also have the ability to go online to their members and spread the work about food. It’s amazing what a small group of women and a couple of good men can accomplish.
When I took my stuff and went down to help set up and serve, Marsha Derringer and Barbara were there and a very nice lady that is new to the community who Barbara introduced me to. I didn’t write it down so I forgot her name. Bro. Tony and Garry Derringer came, too. We had plenty of help and lots of food. The Lowe family and friends were well fed and thanked all the people who helped them with food and a place to gather quietly after the funeral. My grandmother Botkin always said “a little kindness and food go a long way to healing a troubled soul.”
Wanda said she went to the funeral of Josie’s dad Wednesday. She was in a reflective mood this weekend. Sunday was Danny’s birthday. She said she was looking through some old pictures and found some they had taken when they went to see the Crystal Gayle show. They share birthdays on Jan. 9. They got to go back stage after the show because, at the time, Wanda’s hair was nearly to her ankles. She and Crystal compared hair lengths. She later contributed it to “Locks for Love.” She went to New York and they cut it on the Today show.
Wanda and her mother went to Franco’s Saturday night to the dance. She said the Sugar Foot Band was good. They plan to have the restaurant open again by the end of January. Frankie and Teresa ran it several years ago. Their daughter, Johnna, will be helping them this time.
My aunt Lenora had her 98th birthday this week. Wanda said Billy Harmon hit the big 40 on Sunday, too. Crystal and Kathy were planning a celebration , using an “Over the Hill” party theme. If they think 40 is over the hill, I’ve got news for them. At 40, you’re just getting started.
Jordan Willhoite, no I didn’t spell it wrong, Wanda said that’s the way Willis spells it and I have been spelling it wrong ever since he joined their family.
Anyway, their son, Jordan, was selected to play in the “Youth All American Football Games.” They were held in Myrtle Beach the week after Christmas. So Vanessa, Willis and Jessica took a winter vacation there. They stayed in a condo with an indoor pool and a Lazy River ride. The area was not crowded like it is at peak season, so they had a great time and returned home before school started again.
For those who are interested, come to church at 10 a.m. Sunday for coffee and a discussion about plans for the coming year. Those who were at the meeting Sunday morning would like your opinions and input. We may even throw in a donut or bagel.