Kay's Branch News

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By Bee Spicer

 Joel and Lou Ann were back at church after the bout with food poisoning. Joel said he went to Joey’s graduation from the training he completed. He has been sent to Missouri to a camp there for more seasoning. I don’t know what his plans are after that. 

As you saw in last week’s paper, Phyllis Simpson Massie’s house burnt. It was Mrs. Nanny Thomas’ house when I went to Monterey as a bride. It was a old house then. I think it was one of the first built in Monterey. Another tragic loss for Monterey. 

It was reported in church  that Scott was doing much better and would be moved to Cardinal Hill for rehab but that wasn’t the case. As of this Sunday, he is still in the hospital. Mike talked to him by phone and said he was feeling good and joking about his situation. He hasn’t lost his since of humor. 

Dennis Atha’s daughter, Dixie, had a birthday party for her son Adain. Doreen didn’t say how old he was but I imagine he’s about 6 or so. Keenen Harrod, Mike’s grandson, had a birthday last week, too. 

The Atha’s held their family reunion at the park on Sunday. I didn’t get to go but I’m sure they had a good crowd, and when the Atha’s gather you can bet there was music. They’re a very talented family. The had a good day for an outing. 

Now for the new news. I hosted the bridge club on Tuesday. Jean Zeitz subbed for us. Mary Ann was out with because of an operation on her hand and her sub, Dottie Marston, was having treatments for something, so Jean became our sub in reserve. We had a good afternoon and all the ladies enjoyed themselves. 

Our Wednesday, Ladies League had a scramble tournament to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Cancer Fund. Helen Hawkins, who is an honorary Monterey girl – she’s married to Lela Maud’s nephew, Scottie – brought us the idea last month and the club voted to do it. We made our own foursomes and brought salads and desserts for a potluck luncheon. The club furnished the drinks and other things like plates, napkins, etc. We had a beautiful day for golf and very good participation. I think there were 12 teams or more. One of the ladies got packaged tees and Band-Aid dispensers to hand out from the Farmers Bank in Frankfort. Several ladies gave visors as prizes. John Rice and John Tomlinson, husbands of two of our ladies, did the score cards for us. Nina Sue, Rose, Betty Hedges and Carol Wiard helped, too. It takes a lot of work to put on a “little tournament” but it was very well done and was a whopping success in all departments. Helen said we raised $1,000 for the cancer fund and paid for our expenses. Thanks to all who worked and participated. A job well done.

I called Fay to catch up on her news. She said they’d given up on hay and gardening and the mowing. They did start doing their wood for this winter. They were out in the hottest day of the week cutting, splitting and hauling wood. Thank goodness they survived to tell about it. Bruce said he wasn’t sure that he did. He was never so tired in his life. 

Wanda said she went to Dana’s house Saturday evening. She was giving a birthday party for her husband. Dana showed her their newly remodeled house. Wanda said they really did a good job on it. 

The 12th was Charles and Crystal’s son, Thomas Dale’s 5th birthday. They had a party for him at Grandma Joyce’s house. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor party. Happy birthday to all those who are celebrating this month.

Wanda said she spent Labor Day weekday on Green River Lake with Barbara, David and some of their family. Pat and Amy also had their boat on the lake, which made for a relaxing family weekend on the water. There were also many other families who also had the same idea so you had to be really careful and not get too relaxed. They caught fish and had them for supper one night. Good food, good friends and a good time. 

Sweet Owen Days is coming up this weekend. There’ll be lots to see and hear: eight different musical entertainers, a talent show and a corn hole contest. Be sure to put it on you calendar of things to do. 

The Monterey Fire Department will be holding a fund-raiser on the 25th. There will be a barbecue supper catered by Starr Johnson, and if Starr is there you know there will be music at some point. It should be a good place to go to eat, meet and greet your neighbors and contribute to a good cause.

There was a memorial service held at the Monterey Cemetery on Saturday afternoon by the Monterey Fire Department for their fallen comrade, Terry Sharon, who died returning from a fire run Sept. 13 of last year. He had been a resident of Monterey only a short time but loved the community and his work with the fire department. We should all say a prayer for our firefighters. They work without pay and are there for us when we need them. It’s a dangerous job. Thanks to all who choose to do it.