Kay’s Branch News By Bee Spicer

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By The Staff

There isn’t much to report this week. The “Big Storm” came as advertised. We only got about 3 ½ inches on the Branch and that came in the wee hours of Saturday morning and lasted till only about 10:30 a.m.

The sun came out and it was a beautiful day – if you were inside. When I got up Sunday morning, it was -3 degrees on my thermometer at the front of the house.

Wanda said she had 3 degrees above. She must have gotten up a bit later than I. It was starting to move upward by mid-morning and got to a balmy 25 degrees before the sun started over the hill at the back of the house. Our road was scraped and salted by 1 p.m. Saturday. I’m sure those boys put in a lot of overtime to get us all out and about again.

A big “thank you” to all of them. Luckily it was light fluffy snow and not the heavy stuff that pulls down power lines. I had lights, heat, movies, TV, books and dog food. I was ready for most anything.

Fay called me Friday afternoon and invited me up to see her newly-finished sunroom. It is beautiful. She had selected these large, 18” tiles, I think. Anyway they are big and in variegated, marbleized patterns that went with everything in the room and kitchen. They really did a good job on the whole room. They built it over the large slab they had used as a back porch. Now Bruce will have to pour another slab at the side of the new room to put his grill and outdoor furniture. Fay and I came up with all kinds of new ideas for spending Bruce’s money. Just kidding, Bruce. The room is lovely and they will have a lot of good use from it.

Fay said they did get out last week to try a new restaurant in Owenton, Home Plate, run by Paul Wilson, a one-time Monterey boy. She said the food was very good and not pricey. They liked it.

Jennifer’s birthday is on Monday and Mother’s would have been Feb. 2. Mother would have been 97. I didn’t get Jennifer’s age. She is too old to give out that information and too young to brag about how old she is. Happy birthday to all who have birthdays this week.

Wanda said there was a full house at Nikki’s Clubhouse Saturday night. Eddie Barber’s “Off the Wagon” band furnished the music. She said there was a lot of “shaken’ going on” till the wee hours of the morning. Wanda said Eddie’s group puts on a great show and they kept the dance floor full. Everybody enjoyed the evening. He will return in March. Next week the Southern High band will be there. You might want to treat your Valentine to a night out.

Speaking of a night out, there will be a benefit supper and dance for Owen County Search and Rescue at the extension office Feb. 13. They would like for you to buy your tickets in advance so they can prepare food accordingly. Wanda said she has attended this before and they do a good job. You can dine out with your Valentine and help a good cause at the same time.

Noel Thomas and Charles went to Las Vegas again this weekend to play in the cornhole tournament there. Kathy and Ashley went along this time to see Las Vegas and get away from the cold weather. Wanda hadn’t heard at this writing, how they did. I’ll have that for you next week.

By then Groundhog Day will have come and gone. Punxsutawney Phil will have predicted six more weeks of winter. I’m afraid Phil is right up there with the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny.

I’m old and jaded, what can I say. It does mean we are on the downhill side of winter and sliding ever closer to spring. Keep that good thought.