Kay’s Branch News By Bee Spicer

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By The Staff

Nobody can talk about anything but the cold weather. We had at least 5 inches of snow over a three-day period. Luckily John and I hauled two loads of wood to the lower porch before all this started, so I was ready.

I went to Frankfort last Wednesday to play dominoes with my friends, June and Joyce. They had moved in the fall and now have a lovely home, much smaller than the house they lived in on Campbell Street, which had 12-foot ceilings and was cold as a barn in this kind of weather. This new modern house is warm, very little yard to mow and is just the right size for them. We really enjoyed visiting their new home and getting to see my friends again.

Johnny Bob had surgery. His daughter, Pat, came from Nicholasville to take him to the hospital and bring him home. He is doing fine now.

I talked to Fay. Jennifer was home for almost two weeks during the holidays. She had to go back to Lexington this weekend, but she was here long enough to help Fay get the Christmas trees taken down and stored away. Fay said the weather this week that kept them in was a welcome rest from all the running around they were doing during the holidays. She did have a surprise for me. They had finally built the sunroom at the back of their house. We had talked about her adding one for a long time. I have yet to get up there to see it, but I’m sure it will add a lot of pleasant living space to their house. She said she even had a closet on it to store a good supply of wood to keep it dry and out of the weather. Now that’s convenience. 

We didn’t have church Sunday because of the cold weather and snow. I was calling people to let them know and was talking to Jean Zeitz. She said Kirkie and the girls got home Thursday. She said their trip to Geneva, Switzerland, was a real eye-opener for a girl from Monterey. She had always been a small-town girl and to start out with two small children and fly over the ocean and get around in a large city was a real leap of faith, but she was very glad she did it. They had a very nice visit and flying wasn’t that much of a hassle going over. They did have more security coming home and it took a while to get through the line in Paris but it wasn’t bad. She flew into Cincinnati and thought she was home at last, and her troubles were over. But that was not the case. She had to go through customs there. They asked if she had brought any food home with her. She said yes, Swiss chocolate. That was no biggie, but when they asked if she had snacks for the girls, she showed them what she had. Kirkie said they went ballistic. It seems she had something called Craisisns in little boxes. She had to go back to a room and they went through all her luggage again. Kirkie said There she stood with a -year-old and a 2-year-old and they thought she was some kind of mad bomber. They did finally get passed through and got home, but she said she learned one thing, she’d never fly with Craisins again.

There are several birthdays this week. Elvis had one Friday, as did my Aunt Lenora. She was 97. Bryan’s son, Braden, was 11 on the Monday. He was born on his great-great grandfather Elvin True’s, birthday. Joanne Ballinger and Billy Harmon were born Jan. 9. That would have been Danny’s birthday, too. Everett Hawkins’ birthday was Sunday. Happy Birthday to all the above.

The dancing friends group enjoyed a night of fun and country music at Nikki’s Club house Saturday evening. This coming Friday and Saturday night will be the Cravin’ Chaos 80s rock music band. Eddie Barber’s band will be there sometime at the end of January.

I’d like to commend the road crews for the good work they did keeping the roads drivable this past week. The mail carriers are to be commended, too, for seeing that the mail got delivered. We who stay at home really appreciate that.