Kay’s Branch News By Bee Spicer

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By The Staff

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t decorate or give parties on this day but it always gives me a good feeling to know the Irish are being recognized for their contribution to the settling of this country.

We got very little rain over the weekend. I took advantage of the beautiful weather at the first of the week to get out and clean up the yard and trim back some dead flowers and bushes. Jessie had found a deer carcass and had bones scattered all over the front yard. I picked up a large dog food sack of bones, hair and dead leaves. The yard looks much better and when the grass starts to grow I won’t be running over bones with the lawn mower.

I called Fay Monday morning to see if she was home. I wanted to go to her house and see the replica of the old house on their property that Rastus made for Bruce. The original house was log and George and his wife Katherine went to housekeeping there. Bruce may have been born there, but that’s only speculation on my part. The model that Rastus made is beautiful, complete with cedar shingles, mock stone chimneys on either side and a stone foundation. It’s two stories and the front window sashes are removable, so Jennifer can place her doll furniture in it. It also has a screened back porch with an electric light that lights up the interior. He certainly does beautiful, intricate work. Both Bruce and Fay were so pleased to have it.

John and Bayley bought a new car last week. It was one of the models that gets a lot of gas mileage. She took advantage of the nice weather to drive up to Indiana to visit her parents for a couple of days and test the mileage claims. She said it did really well.

Lanny said that Carl Banks had been up to visit Omar last week. Lanny said Carl looked really good and said he was doing well, too. That’s bit of good news.

Wanda said her news was slim to none this week. She and Joyce did meet friends at Nikki’s Friday night and danced. Wanda said dancing is much better exercise than just walking and more fun. They will have the “Southern High” Band this next weekend to play for the dancing Friday and Saturday evening.

Our church is planning “clean up and paint” days March 26 and 27. We’re trying to get the front spruced up for Easter. I’ll mention it again next week, but save a little time on your calendar for that job. Rastus has already removed the barn martin nests from about the porch pillars but the mud still needs to be washed off.

Also there will be a chili supper at the fire house the evening of March 27. It will be a memorial for Joyce Atha who died just after Christmas. Her son was fire chief in Monterey for a long time. There will be music by Wes Atha’s “No Tools Loaned.” Donations will be given to the Old Cedar Church to build a handicap ramp, in Joyce’s name. I will remind you again next week.

St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of spring and talk of Easter and warmer weather really sounds good. For a while on Sunday I didn’t think I would live to see any of the above. The Cats nearly killed me with their last-second overtime and one-point win over Mississippi State, but they made it to the “Big Dance.” I have a few days to recuperate before they start again on Thursday. Wear your Green on Wednesday because after that it will be True Blue all the way through the rest of the week.