Kay’s Branch News By Bee Spicer

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By The Staff

Deer season started last weekend. The Whitesburg crew came down or up as the case may be, to hunt. It was a great weekend for walking in the woods, playing golf, raking leaves, even picnicking – but not for hunting deer. Only a very few were hanging at the hunting shack by Billy Ballinger’s house. It was just too warm for preserving the carcasses. They had to be skinned, processed and refrigerated to save the meat. Like killing hogs, one doesn’t do that till it’s 35 degrees and the meat can hang a while. The weather of late had been more like mid-October than mid-November.

This is usually the area for taking deer, but there were only nine harvested as of Sunday evening. Young Jasper New got his very first deer this weekend. Wanda said he was quick to notice that his deer was bigger then the “big boys’.” Jasper is the 9-year-old grandson of Ronny New. Ronny had started teaching him to hunt before he passed away.

Wanda said she heard there were two coyotes shot over the weekend, too. There are packs of them around here if the howling at night is a clue. There are no rabbits left in this area and you have to watch domestic cats and dogs, too. I guess everything has a purpose, but I could do without the coyotes.

Our preacher was sick again this week. She is subject to upper respiratory ailments and fevers that go with it. You have to be born in Kentucky to survive the sudden changes in our weather.

We had church though. We are very good at making do. There were several announcements. Remember the community musical program at 4-8 p.m. Sunday at Old Cedar Baptist Church. Several groups and individuals are scheduled to play and sing. There will be a break in the music about 5:30 for a potluck supper and the music will continue around 6:30-8. Everybody is invited to come enjoy the fellowship and music.

Sadly, after a long fight with cancer, Charlene Raisor’s brother, Ronald, passed away this week. Our sympathy goes out to his wife and family. There are several birthdays to celebrate this week. Charlene Raisor has a birthday Saturday, and Catherine Raisor will be 90 Sunday. I have a birthday this week, too; but Charlene and I aren’t giving out any numbers.

    Wanda said Barbara called and asked her to go to Frankfort last Thursday evening for Candlelight Tour. All the shops and businesses were decorated for Christmas, and the Kentucky History Center had lots of activities for the public. Yes, folks, Christmas is coming, no matter what the thermometer says. My calendar says it’s November, but the Christmas decorations are already in every store and some people are already decorating their houses to be ahead of the curve. It seems it gets earlier and earlier every year.

One last note, the Monterey Fire Department is having a community Thanksgiving dinner Nov. 28. The volunteers will furnish the food and some music. Come enjoy the good times with your neighbors. There is no charge but donations would be accepted. I will remind you next week.