Kay’s Branch News By Bee Spicer

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By The Staff

It’s been a very good week. We did get some measurable rain mid-week, but not during the Wheatley outing, which was nice. Between the signing-up and the actual showing up, we lost 16 players. They missed a great day for golf and a very good selection of homemade pie. Gilbert and the ladies who worked in the pro shop and kitchen did a wonderful job for us, as always. My thanks for all their hard work.

Wanda went on a short trip and wasn’t here for the fire department festival Saturday so I have no report on it.

My other source of information, Rastus, fell off his porch Thursday evening and hurt himself quite badly but not as bad as first thought. The porch is about 4 or 5 feet off the ground. He was walking toward the edge and tripped, falling right on his face out into his driveway. He landed on his face, arm and knee.

At first, they thought he might have broken his neck but thank goodness that proved to be untrue. He did break a bone in his arm and had a lot of swelling in the knee but there was no break there either. He was very lucky. He did make it to church Sunday but was feeling pretty bad by the time it was over, so Audrey took him straight home. He’s going to be pretty sore for a while, but we are thankful that everything will mend.

I heard from Pat on Saturday that Johnny Bob has had pneumonia this week. She was at Robbie’s to stay with him Friday. The fever and new illness has sapped the strength he had built up after the stroke. Please keep him in your prayers.

Jean was at church and gave us some good news about an old friend Bruce Cassidy. He had been diagnosed with throat cancer in the spring and was taking treatments for it. She said his doctors told him he was cancer-free on his last visit. They will have to keep him monitored closely to see that it doesn’t come back some place else, but for now he’s thankful for the good news.

Wanda went to the Kentucky Horse Park to take in some of the shows at the World Equestrian Games and soak up some of the atmosphere of the whole thing. She said she did a lot of walking and ran into some people she knew and a lot who she didn’t know. She saw Ronnie and Donna Ray Dunavent, Jill and Janet’s two children. They were looking for the vaulting contest. It is such a big park and it was hard to find your way around. She also said it was a lovely day and she was glad she got to go. She told me that Bruce and Fay went. Linda Gribbin was one of the many volunteers working there. She is a friend of Wanda’s. Wanda would like to have volunteered but the U.S. mail comes first.

Our Indian Creek neighbors Steve and Martha Lathrem recently went on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Hawaii. Steve is one of those country boys who likes where he lives and wasn’t sure he wanted to get that far away from home, but even he liked it so much he didn’t want to leave. The blue Pacific, beautiful beaches, tropical breezes and ladies running around in string bikinis — what’s not to like. Everybody should go there at least once in their life.

I said earlier that Wanda had been gone. She went to visit Danny’s niece in Austin, Texas. This would be Gwen’s daughter. She’s been asking her to visit for some time and so Wanda just decided to fly down. She left on a Wednesday evening and came back Sunday. I will hear all about her trip next week.

The visit with the McKnight family last Sunday went very well. We had a nice crowd and they were there in plenty of time to meet everybody and enjoy a nice visit before church. Teri, Ray, Rachel and the children came down for the “coffee.” Ann and John came too. Ann and Teri were 9 and 10 when Bill McKnight preached at Monterey. They are safely back in their homes in Mississippi now. It was so nice to see Sue again and her family.

John and I took a trip back into the woods Sunday afternoon, scouting for dead trees. Yes, contrary to what the weather is telling us, it will soon be time to start cutting and gathering the winter supply into the wood lot and getting it split for use. The mild weather has lulled us into forgetting that it will soon be November and the holidays aren’t that far away. It’s time to get out the winter clothing and batten down the hatches for the cold winds that will soon be upon us. It’s only 10 weeks till Christmas.

With that happy thought, I will say good night.